Co-Sponsorship Interest Form

Co-sponsorship is a special relationship between a local resettlement agency, a community group, and a refugee family. Co-sponsors bring an essential level of commitment, continuity, and care for the refugees they serve and significantly multiply and extend the services refugees receive. 

By inquiring about Co-sponsorship, your team is indicating an interest in welcoming refugees in your community. Co-sponsorship groups must  represent an established community, such as a school, employer, or faith congregation.  

There are three commitments required to participate in co-sponsorship:  

  1. Minimum one year of service 
  2. Signed agreement with your local resettlement agency to support a refugee family 
  3. Raise between $3,000 and $7,000 to extend financial support for a refugee family based on their needs  

By filling out this interest form, your team is agreeing to undertake the commitments of co-sponsorship. Your form will be shared with our local partners, who will contact you for next steps.  

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