Literacy Pirates Application Form - Teacher


Please answer the following questions as fully as possible and try not to include identifying information.

These questions will be separated from the rest of your application and used in our anonymous shortlisting process by our shortlisting team. This helps us counter our biases and recruit people who we are excited by their experience and values.  

After completing the shortlisting questions the next page will ask for standard information about yourself, including uploading a current CV, followed by a page asking for demographic information to help us improve our recruitment process. 

There are 3 pages in all. 

Thank you for taking the time to apply. 
Shortlisting Questions

Page 2

The information on this page is checked by our administrator to ensure eligibility; after which it is removed from your application until the initial shortlisting process has taken place. 

Your CV and personal information will be viewed only if you pass the initial shortlisting process.
Personal information -  this information is removed during our shorlisting process. We focus on your answers to the questions below first, anonymously, to try and counteract our own biases. 

Education - this information is removed during our shorlisting process, so we consider your talents before your educational background. 

Current work situation


Making adjustments - again this information is removed during the shortlisiting process and we concentrate on your answers to the shortlisting questions below. We want to see your abilities before we see any disabilities.

Declarations - this bit we do need to check before your application will be entered into the shortlisting process. 

Page 3

The information gathered on this page is anonymised on collection. We use it to help improve our recruitment.

We are trying to improve the diversity of our Crew and understanding who applies and their backgrounds is a critical to helping us understand where and how to advertise and promote job roles. 

Thanks for sharing and helping us.  
How did you hear about us?

Monitoring information - removed at application stage and stored anonymously. We use this information to monitor and improve our recruitment to ensure we recruit a diverse team. 

Thank you for completing this monitoring information.