Volunteer Application

Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer with Luminus. Volunteers are crucial in providing support to our clients with both immediate needs and long-term integration. From providing transportation to helping with job applications, there are many ways to volunteer. After we receive and review your application, we will share volunteer opportunities with you.

Volunteer General information

Emergency Contact Information

Photo Release From and Confidentiality Agreement

I hereby grant and authorize Luminus Network for New Americans the right to take, edit, alter, copy, exhibit, publish, distribute and make use of any and all pictures or video taken of me and my family by Luminus Network for New Americans to be used in and/or for legally promotional materials including, but not limited to, newsletters, flyers, posters, brochures, advertisements, fundraising letters, annual reports, press kits and submissions to journalists, websites, social networking sites and other print and digital communications, without payment or any other consideration. This authorization extends to all languages, media, formats and markets now known or hereafter devised. This authorization shall continue indefinitely unless I otherwise revoke said authorization in writing. 

I understand and agree that these materials shall become the property of Luminus Network for New Americans and will not be returned.  

I hereby hold harmless and release Luminus Network for New Americans from all liability, petitions, and causes of action which I, my heirs, representative, executors, administrators, or any other persons may make while acting on my behalf or on behalf of my estate.  

I warrant that I am of the age of consent (18 years or older) and that I am competent to contract in my own name. I have read this release before signing below and I fully understand the contents, meaning and impact of this release. 


All information concerning clients, former clients, our staff, volunteers, and financial data, and business records of the Luminus Network for New Americans, is confidential. 

“Confidential” means that you are free to talk about the organization, about your program and your role, but you are not permitted to disclose clients’ names or talk about them in ways that will make their identity known. No information may be released without appropriate authorization. This is a basic component of client care and business ethics. The board of directors, staff and our clients rely on paid staff and volunteers to conform to this rule of confidentiality. Luminus expects you to respect the privacy of clients and to maintain their personal and financial information as confidential. All records dealing with specific clients must be treated as confidential. Staff members are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of information relating to other staff members and volunteers, in addition to clients. Failure to maintain confidentiality may result in termination of your employment or volunteer participation, or other corrective action. This policy is intended to protect you as well as Luminus because in extreme cases, violations of this policy also may result in personal liability.  

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF CONFIDENTIALITY OF CLIENT INFORMATION I agree to treat as confidential all information about clients or former clients and their families that I learn during the performance of my duties with Luminus Network for New Americans and as a VOLUNTEER, and I understand that it would be a violation of policy to disclose such information to anyone without checking first with my supervisor. 


By submitting this form, I am agreeing to the photo release and confidentiality terms described above.