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Interfaith Action collects this information in order to work toward building a volunteer network that reflects the diversity of St. Paul. Any information provided below will remain confidential.

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Interfaith Action periodically hosts voluntary events for volunteers, constituents, and stakeholders. Interfaith Action volunteers, staff, or consultants may use photography or videography equipment to document these events, and your image may be captured and used for publicity pieces such as brochures, program displays, newsletters, annual reports, website content, etc. By attending Interfaith Action events, you are giving Interfaith Action permission to use your image for promotional purposes. Names will be kept confidential.


It is not required that volunteers attend Interfaith Action events..
By checking this box I agree that every client, present or past, has the right to expect all information regarding oneself and family to be handled in a confidential manner. Written policies and procedures that protect the confidentiality of a client and family records prohibit volunteers from discussing client and family problems or information with anyone, except designated staff or in situations specified by the Program Director. Discussions with designated staff regarding clients and or their families should never occur at informal gatherings or within hearing of other clients, their families or the general public. I understand the above statements and agree to maintain the highest standards of confidentiality in my work with Interfaith Action of Greater Saint Paul and its partner organizations. I will not reveal, now or in the future, any information to which I have access in my work with Interfaith Action of Greater Saint Paul and its partner organizations. Furthermore, I understand that a breach of confidentiality may result in immediate termination of my volunteer position.

  • I acknowledge that the above information is correct and current to date. 
  • I understand that this is not an application for paid employment. 
  • I understand that I may be required to complete additional forms, orientations and trainings based on the requirements of my specific volunteer program and task.
  • I understand that Interfaith Action strongly encourages me to participate in ongoing learning community events as part of my volunteer commitment.

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