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Thank you for your interest in our 2022 New Orleans Immersion Trips

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  • Mid-Winter Break (February 19 - 26) Roosevelt High School
  • Spring Break I (April 2 - 9) Bellarmine Prep, Olympia High School
  • Spring Break II (April 16 - 23) Blanchet, HNA, O'Dea, Seattle Prep
  • Summer I (June 11 - 18) Blanchet, HNA, O'Dea, Seattle Prep
  • Summer II (June 25 - July 2) RHS, NLYM, NCL, Sumner, BPrep, BBHS, HNA, O'Dea, OHS, SeaPrep

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By answering yes, you are not automatically disqualified from participating in a SAA Builds trip.