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Future Leaders in Public Service Internship Program Application

Contact Information

U.S citizenship is a requirement for this program due to the limited number of federal government positions open to non-U.S. citizens. 


Please type the full name of the institution, i.e. University of Virginia not UVA. If you can't find your college on the list, please type and select Not Listed.


Note- Earning academic credit does not affect the stipend participants of Future Leaders receive.
Preferred Agency and Program Tracks

Rising seniors or graduate students from the Schar School of Policy and Government have guaranteed consideration for the Department of Transportation and if selected, will receive the stipend levels of $3,500 for part-time, administered directly by the Schar School. Schar students may apply for the other agency options; however, these agencies are open to a national pool of candidates and consideration is not guaranteed to Schar students. Stipends associated with the other agencies vary and are administered by the Future Leaders in Public Service internship program, not the Schar School. If interested in the agencies open to the national pool, Schar students are strongly encouraged to review program benefits and eligibility thoroughly.

The Future Leaders in Public Service Internship Program is seeking candidates with various backgrounds to fill potential positions during the fall across the participating federal agencies. Therefore, we created different tracks to align with opportunities based on candidate backgrounds. Please choose up to two tracks that you are interested in that match with your area of study. Example backgrounds are listed after each track for your reference.
Please note- the tracks have been updated since 2022 to better reflect agency needs. 'Mission support' has been combined with 'Public Policy & Administration.'

Resume, Transcript and Reference Letter
In order to complete your application, you must include your current resume and transcripts. Please be sure to have the most up-to-date version in PDF format.

We are also asking that you submit a reference letter from a mentor, professor or work supervisor to provide with your application. The reference letter is optional but highly encouraged. Optional reference letters may be uploaded directly through the application portal below or emailed to internships@ourpublicservice.org with the applicant's name referenced in the subject line. 

File should be a PDF

File should be a PDF

File should be a PDF
Short Essay Questions
In this section, we ask you to complete five questions in order to get a better sense of your candidacy. Please be thoughtful with your answers and provide specific examples when necessary.

Demographic Information
Filling out this information is optional and will only be used for internal purposes. 

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