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Location Managers Workshop with City of Toronto!

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  • This opportunity is only open to Black, Indigenous and  People of Colour
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December 11th 2021 - 12pm-4pm

Reelworld Screen Institute and the City of Toronto are partnering on a workshop aimed at increasing racial diversity in the field of location managers. The workshop will touch on everything from the steps required to become a location manager (what to study, what kind of experience is required), the different guidelines and processes to follow, how to handle unforeseen problems on-set, and how location managers work with film permit managers. 

Workshop: Three different managers will showcase the full scope of work

  1. Scouting and preliminary work
  2. Assistant location manager
  3. Location Manager

++++Plus: Bobby Donches, Manager, Permitting, Film & Entertainment, City of Toronto.

The workshop will include:

1. Informative Presentation

2. Open Discussion and Q/A including 3 members of the locations department, and a representative of the City of Toronto

3. Interactive Breakout Room Sessions

4. Additional Q/A Session

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