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Application for People Operations Manager

Today’s college students have changed. They’re now 74% post-traditional, which means they’re older than 24, working more than 30 hours, or caring for someone at home. Despite their best efforts, only 16% ever graduate, leaving 45 million Americans who started college without yet graduating. What’s worse, students blame themselves - but college was never designed to serve those who would benefit most from a degree.

Over eight years, PelotonU built a flexible and supportive college pathway for working adults - one that ensures 80% of students graduate. The model is called a hybrid college, and we’re one of over a dozen in the country. With key insights from coaching students virtually  during COVID, we are now at the beginning of a national expansion.

That’s where you come in. As our first People Operations Manager, you will work alongside the co-founders and chief of staff to ensure PelotonU can grow the team from 20 to 90 over the next three years without compromising best-in-class outcomes for students or health and sustainability for staff. You’ll create the people operations framework that brings PelotonU’s vision for talent and culture to life and your recommendations will be what charts PelotonU’s course for all things people operations. With time, the hope is that you’ll become a director leading your own team. 

Your work entails four key responsibilities. First, you’ll source, screen, and eventually own hiring 60 new employees over the next three years. Second, you’ll determine how to implement PelotonU’s vision for a healthy, happy, whole staff culture, including onboarding, PD, celebrations, and building our virtual team. Third, you will serve as our HR expert - and when you’re not sure of the best course of action, you’ll lead our learning from external resources. Fourth, you will ensure all of this work is deeply rooted in a conviction to combat white supremacy and promote justice.

Whether you’ve worked in nonprofits, education, or the corporate world, you have a fervent believe in the power of the workplace to be an agent for good in the world - that a thoughtfully designed and run HR department, talent strategy, and workplace culture can either create healing and emotional safety or it can cause pain and even trauma -- and you’re all in on the former.  You likely enjoy being given a vision and trusted to determine how to achieve it, hold a deep reverence for the complexities of the human experience, have been told repeatedly that you make people feel safe and cared for, and pride yourself in an ability to have fun along the way.