2021 Caucus Issue Input Form

IAC Regions
Voting Delegates to the IAC will vote on the issues raised through our caucus process. Delegates are selected by the governing body of a member Tribe, see form at www.IndianAg.org/Membership. 
Tribes may raise caucus issues via resolution, or by having their delegate participate in the online regional caucus meeting, see regional schedule at www.IndianAg.org/Membership. Delegates may vote on the adoption of issues and advanced to the 2021 Annual Membership Meeting on December 9, 2021.
The right to vote on these issues through IAC processes is open to all 574 of IAC’s member Tribes with an interest in the management and development of Indian agricultural and food systems resources.

Issues offered for consideration of the caucus by registered conference participants from that region; however if no duly appointed delegates move to support the issue it will not be discussed, nor included in the caucus report offered to the membership.
Please submit this form for EACH caucus issue. 
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