Booking Sheet

Please Use Numbers ONLY. Do not include any symbols or words. (NO "$" PLEASE)
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We Provide:
- The Dunk Tank
- Setup and Break Down
- 3 Soft Balls (Any Lost Balls Will Be Assessed A $5 Replacement Fee)

You Must Provide:
- Water Source With Hose
- Location For Tank Where Tank Can Also Be Emptied
- Dunkee


  1. NO Dunking without adult supervision
  2. NO Climbing on the dunk tank other than to get in or out of tank
  3. NO Diving or jumping into the dunk tank
  4. NO Glass, soda bottles, cans, eye glasses or sharp objects of any kind in tank
  5. NO Food, drink or gum of any kind is allowed inside the dunk tank
  6. NO More than one person allowed in the dunk tank at any time
  7. NO Hitting target with hand, only the ball can be used
  8. NO Participants over 225 LBS
  9. ALL Participants must be able to swim
  10. ALL Participants must be tall enough to stand with head above water level
  11. ALL Participants must sit on "X" to maximize dunk-ability
  12. ALL Participants must keep hands and feet off the edges of tank to prevent injury