2022 SAA Trip Application - Adult Team Lead Application

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Thank you for your interest in joining the Shirts Across America
immersion trips to New Orleans as an Adult Team Lead! 
Please click below to apply.

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Emergency Contact Information

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School and Trips Schedules
  • Mid-Winter Break (February 19 - 26) Roosevelt High School
  • Spring Break (April 16 - 23) Blanchet, HNA, O'Dea, Seattle Prep
  • Summer I (June 11 - 18) Blanchet, HNA, O'Dea, Seattle Prep
  • Summer II (June 25 - July 2) RHS, NLYM, NCL, Sumner, BPrep, BBHS, HNA, OHS, O'Dea, SeaPrep

Short Paragraph Responses

Team Lead

  • In this role, you will be a chaperone for a team of students. You will provide guidance and mentorship while also driving your team's van throughout the trip. You will be the primary contact for SAA staff. If you would like to be on your student's team, this is the role you should select.



  • In this role, you have the opportunity to do many tasks throughout the week to help SAA staff provide an amazing experience. If you have a designated skill set (e.g. photography etc.), see yourself as adaptable, and do not have to be on your student's team, this role may be well-suited for you! You will still have the opportunity to work with students and build homes during the trip. You will not be tasked with co-leading a team of students during the week unless extenuating circumstances arise.

Specific Skills