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Roadmap to Peace Referral Form

Roadmap to Peace (RTP) is a community-driven collective impact initiative in San Francisco that provides Latinx Transitional 13 - 24 year olds an opportunity to heal and thrive through wrap-around services and meaningful community and cultural connections.

RTP serves those most vulnerable and impacted by community and systemic violence. Culturally and linguistic responsive services provided include: care management, career coaching, trauma recovery and substance use counseling, and legal advocacy and support. Services are coupled with culture, art, and community connections.

This online referral is intended to provide information about service eligibility and to help understand how to best serve this youth. Please answer the following questions about the referred individual to your best knowledge

Minors only information

Best number to contact parent/ guardian

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If youth has unstable housing, please provide the address or place where is currently staying

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Prioritize the 3 main reasons

This information is important as it allows RTP to understand the youth's needs and identify supportive services. Please include if youth has a pre-existing relationship with any of the RTP providers, and/or if there is a preference or recommendation.