Honor Band in the Rose Parade - Drumline Street Beat Assignment

Assignment is Due by November 1st
This assignment will be submitted to the percussion section staff where they will review the videos and make any necessary musical changes prior to our rehearsal weekend in Indianapolis.

Assignment: Record yourself playing the cadence.  Link to sheet music for Drumline Street Beat.

The full frame of your video should be above the top of your head and below the bottom of your feet. 

Please upload your video files to YouTube as “unlisted”; this allows us to view them when provided the link, but does not make them public. An unlisted video is different than a private video. “Unlisted” means that only people who know the link to the video can view it. An unlisted video will not appear in any of YouTube’s public spaces (such as search results, your channel, or the Browse page). An unlisted video is different than a private video.
Here’s how:
1. Sign into or create your YouTube Account
2. Go to your My Channel page
3. If you need to upload a video, click on the upload arrow in the upper right banner and skip to step 5.
4. If you want to edit a video you’ve already uploaded, go to the Video Manager
5. Select the video which you’d like to make an unlisted video. Click the Edit button to access the video’s settings.
6. Go to the Privacy section of the page. There you’ll see the option to mark your video as “unlisted,” “public,” or “private.” Select unlisted.
7. Click the Save Changes button. Once you’ve done this, your video will be an unlisted video.
8. Copy the “Video URL” found to the right of the video in Video Manager (under “video information”), and paste the link above.