Student Energy Career Training 2022 Cohort Application

SE Career Training is a 4-month cohort-based program aimed at young people between the ages of 18 and 30 who are interested in pursuing a career that advances the energy transition. The course will offer a comprehensive introduction to the current energy system, decarbonization pathways, energy economics and governance, as well as some applied skills training related to project management and finance.

The goal of SE Career Training is to provide you with technical and soft skills training needed to land them an entry-level role or internship in the energy sector. 

The first month of the program will work through a curated curriculum with resources and training relevant to their respective projects. All program participants will complete the general curriculum.

General Curriculum (1st Month):

  • Energy Systems 101

  • Energy Career Paths

  • Project Management Basics

  • Model Thinking/Data-Driven Decision Making

While the 2nd-4th month will focus on practicum projects sourced from International Energy Organizations across 4 specializations. As a participant, you will select one of the specialized tracks that you would like to pursue. The project you are assigned will be tailored to your specialization, and you will work in teams to complete project deliverables. 

Specialized Tracks (2nd-4th Month):

  • Energy Policy Analysis

  • Energy Market Analysis

  • Project Development

  • Project Finance

The deadline to apply is December 6th, 2021

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Before You Apply
When you apply to the Career Training program you apply as an individual. Teams will be created during the program composing of 3-5 cohort members, that will work on the project a sourced from our partner organizations. This is a volunteer-based experiential learning program. The first month will cover training and foundational modules on energy and project management to aid you through out the program. The second-fourth month will cover completing deliverables from the Practicum Project from partner organizations. You will be expected to spend a total of 5 hours per week (total 60 hours) working through different partner projects. An additional 60 hours will cover technical training and career coaching to help you through the various challenges you'll encounter during the program.

Timeline For The Career Training Program: January, 2022 to April, 2022

Team Formation: 3-5 cohort members per team

Privacy Notice
Your privacy is important to us. Any information you share will be used to assess your application and contact you with opportunities related to the Student Energy Career Training Program. If you have any questions about privacy please contact If you wish to refer to our Privacy Notice, please click here.

Personal Information


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Student Energy Engagement

Program Commitments
Please answer the following questions:

Energy Knowledge

From your experience, what are the three biggest barriers young people face to taking action on the sustainable energy transition?

Specialization Selection

Written Response

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