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Special Circumstances Appeal Form
Before starting this form, please visit the Special Circumstances Appeal page for an overview of the process and answers to frequently asked questions.

Every effort is made to assist students who demonstrate financial need. The majority of students, even with a successful appeal, find it necessary to utilize multiple forms of funding to meet their costs. Please develop a sound financial plan that you can implement regardless of the outcome of your appeal.

*Only accepted or currently enrolled students may submit an appeal. All domestic students must have a completed FAFSA on file for their appeal to be considered. A CSS Profile is required for all international campus students who wish to appeal.

Berklee campus students are eligible to submit an appeal for either institutional or federal need based funding.

Berklee Online domestic undergraduate students are eligible to appeal for federal need-based aid.

All federal financial aid appeals MUST have supporting documentation.

Berklee IDs should be 7 digits (including 0's). Conservatory IDs should be 9 digits (including 0's)


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In your appeal letter, please provide the following information:
  • Details of your extenuating financial circumstances;
  • How your financial plan has been impacted;
  • How much funding you are seeking (institutional appeals only);
  • How the amount of funding you are seeking will help you get back on track with your financial plan. 
If you are submitting a federal financial aid appeal, supporting documentation is required.

*Supporting documentation is optional for institutional aid appeals and should support the circumstances outlined in your appeal letter.