Fight CRC Volunteer Intake Form

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Availability and Time Commitment

Volunteer Positions
Fight CRC has three main volunteer teams. Please read each description and select which team you would be interested in volunteering with. You may select more than one option.
Social Media Team:
Social media is a big part of our organization. Social media amplifies our advocacy efforts and allows us to interact with our community of #RelentlessChampions constantly. We invite you to become a part of our Social Media Volunteer team where you will use your network to connect with others in the colorectal cancer community, promote Fight CRC fundraisers and events, stay up to date with current Fight CRC news, and share our resources. We will support you and answer any questions you may have. Our goal is to make a big impact, and we would love for you to help us grow our voice.
Resource Team:
Resource Champions are dedicated volunteers who help Fight CRC deliver critical awareness and patient education resources into their local communities. You can find more info about Resource Champions on our website, here.
Gratitude Team:
Every dollar counts towards the fight against colorectal cancer, which is why we personally thank each person who donates to our cause. Fight CRC's Gratitude Team sends personal, handwritten notes to every donor that supports our efforts. You can find more info about the Gratitude Team on our website, here.

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By typing my name in the text box below, I understand that as an Fight CRC volunteer, I am to serve to the best of my ability as an advocate on behalf of the national organization. I recognize that I may be asked to serve in a position requiring duties, such as time and travel, based on the information I provided above.