College Access & Success Micro-Grant Application

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You can be REIMBURSED throughout the academic year in micro-grant funds for ALREADY MADE purchases made towards Undergraduate, Trade/Vocational/Career Readiness Program expenses. 

  1. Request exactly the amount of money you need ($350 is the maximum amount per application submission)
  2. Do not include tax, as we are a tax-exempt organization.
  3. You can only receive funds for purchases you made within your current semester  
  4. You may only have one active application at a time
         a. Multiple submissions will result in deletion of excess applications
         b. Once payment has been issued, you can submit another application
  5. Receipts must have a date that is between July 1st, 2023 - June 30th, 2024


Must submit valid receipt(s) that includes

  • Your Name
  • College Name (if tuition payment)
  • Date
  • Purchase Item(s)
  • Cost
  • Amount paid

Must submit document(s) confirming current enrollment status

  • Current transcript
  • Current Course schedule (Freshman)
Must submit financial document(s) for current academic year
  • Financial Aid Letter
  • EFC/Student Aid Report (From FAFSA)

  1. Books
  2. Mandatory course materials (i.e. All students in a class must purchase paint supplies)
  3. Transportation (Metrocard, break travel)
  4. Tuition bill payments (Bursar bill)/Secondary School bill (off campus housing)
  1. Student Loan Payments
  2. Scholarship Payments

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Identifying Information

Microgrant Details
For the following question: If you are submitting a request for more than one item, you can submit them under the same request for each item ("item" = books and tuition). For example, if you're requesting funds for both tuition and books, you should submit them under the same request. Altogether your requests cannot exceed $350.

BE. EXACT. Your receipts must match up with this number EXACTLY. COMPLETELY. UTTERLY. Total CANNOT exceed more than $350.

BE. EXACT. Your receipts must match up with this number EXACTLY. COMPLETELY. UTTERLY. Total CANNOT exceed more than $350.

Explanations help us to better understand your request. Example: I have a tuition gap of $250, My professor doesn't book on reserve and I had to buy my own, and etc.
Receive Micro-Grant Funds

Democracy Prep strongly recommends setting up direct deposit, as you will receive your funds much more quickly via direct deposit than mailing a check.

You will receive an invitation link by email to sign up for direct deposit from once the invoice is entered into the system by the Finance Department. If you are a first time applicant, please enter your mailing address below so you can be entered into the system.

Shipping Address
This is where your check will be sent, so be sure to complete it correctly.  You must include your full address, Apartment number, city, state, AND zip code.

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If your grant is approved, you will receive an email from Ray Seaborough, Assistant Director of Alumni Programming. Your request will be submitted to Finance within three weeks of receiving the application. You can expect your reimbursement about 3 weeks after submission to the Finance Department if you have direct deposit. If you do not have direct deposit set up with Democracy Prep, the check will be mailed to the address provided, taking whatever additional time it takes for the check to arrive via US mail service.   

If you are NOT approved, you will receive an email from Ray Seaborough, Assistant Director of Alumni Programming requesting additional information or explaining why you were not approved.  

I receive all application submissions. I only follow up after I have reviewed them

Email with any questions or concerns.
Supporting Documentation
Supporting documentation: Receipts totaling the exact amount of funds requested. You MUST ensure that your receipts are not blurry, show your name/date/proof of payment/total cost of item/name of item, and are all attached! Transcript and/course schedule showing proof of enrollment. Financial Aid Letter & EFC/Student Aid Report for current academic year. Maximum file size is 10MB.

If you need to upload more than one file, please click the blue
"Add another file" button on the bottom right corner.
By clicking submit you affirm that all documents have been submitted and all the information you entered is accurate to the best of your knowledge.