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We are excited that your parish is scheduling an ECF Sunday!

As you know, the primary purpose of ECF Sunday is to discuss planned giving with your parishioners. ECF's Executive Director, Lindsey Hardegree, will preach at your services about ECF's call to serve people experiencing poverty and oppression in our Diocese, and during adult formation Lindsey will address how we can continue serving in a long-term sustainable way that benefits both your parish and the least among us.

We have found that parishes have the most success with an ECF Sunday when they promote the day for several weeks in advance, so we will send you a toolkit with information and graphics you can use to prepare your congregation for our visit.

Please send a copy of the bulletin one week before the service to We need this information to prepare the sermon for the visit.

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Please select the dates available for your ECF Sunday. We schedule these on a first-come first-served basis, and these dates will be updated regularly. If you need to schedule further out, please email Lindsey Hardegree at for available dates.
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Lindsey Hardegree (Executive Director for ECF) is a licensed lay preacher in the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta.

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Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact ECF's Executive Director, Lindsey Hardegree, at or you can schedule a call with her at

Thank you - we're looking forward to your visit!