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Tell us a bit about how you manage your data. 

Animal Data

Under the State requirements for the CA4ALL program, we'll be asking you to submit historical data as well as ongoing data for the duration of the program. We know this takes time and effort, which is why you'll be awarded a $5000 grant to support your shelter in compiling and sharing this information. Today we are asking you to submit your historical data, from 2018- 2022, and we will ask for future data from 2023-2026. You only need to supply intake and non-owner-requested euthanasia data.

For intake data, provide the grand total number of intakes for cats and total number of intakes for dogs regardless of age or intake source.

For total euthanasia data, provide the grand total number of non-owner-requested euthanasia outcomes for cats and the provide the grand total number of non-owner-requested euthanasia outcomes dogs regardless of age or reason for the euthanasia outcome. PLEASE NOTE: You do not need to include owner requested euthanasia or euthanasia services provided to animals who were not impounded to your organization.

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To get a sense of how shelters handle adoptions, foster, and return to home, please share the following. Please input numbers only; no need to include $ or % signs.
Adoption fees

Return to Owner fees

Return to Owner percentage



Standard single cage housing does not meet cats’ needs to take a few steps and lie in normal postures. Nor does it provide for the separation of the resting/eating area from the bathroom area. When these basic needs are not met, cats often experience stress, which can lead to illness and unnecessary euthanasia.

The portal was developed to provide a practical, low-cost solution to this common housing problem. With portals, shelters can make their housing healthier and more humane without having to buy new cages.

Request a portal consultation and learn how you can apply for a grant to purchase portals at (Note: link to Cal for All Animals website opens in new tab).

Want to learn more about adding portals to your cat housing? Browse to the KSMP Portal Consult Sign-Up form. Note: Link to KSMP Portal Consult Sign-Up opens in new tab.

You can find portal installation instructions in the resource library in this information sheet (note: link opens in a new tab).

Grant Requirements