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Request an Appearance with the Poet Laureate

Contact Person

If you are interested in more than one appearance, please submit a separate request form for each event appearance.

If your appearance request is approved, you will be responsible for the following:
  1. Introducing the Oregon Poet Laureate as "appointed by Governor Kate Brown. The Poet Laureate program is a collaborative project of the state’s five cultural partners: Oregon Arts Commission, Oregon Humanities, Oregon Heritage Commission, Oregon Historical Society, and State Historic Preservation Office, with funding from the Oregon Cultural Trust."
  2. Completing the event form, once you have confirmed the details of your event. We will email the form to you so we can track performances and help promote the event as relevant.
  3. Tagging Oregon Humanities and the Oregon Poet Laureate on social media.
    1. Facebook: Oregon Poet Laureate and Oregon Humanities

    2. Instagram: @oregonhumanities

    3. Twitter: @orhumanities

    4. YouTube: Oregon Humanities

    5. Optional Hashtags: #OregonPoetLaureate #OPL11

You must agree to these responsibilities to host an appearance with the Poet Laureate.