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VocalEssence is a certified non-profit and tax-exempt organization 501(c)3, Federal ID #41-1363849. Upon submitting this form you will receive a confirmation email with all submitted information which you can retain for your records. If you need additional acknowledgement, please contact Laura Holst at Per IRS regulations, any item you value over $500 requires IRS Form 8283; any item you value over $5,000 requires Form 8283 and a written appraisal. Contributions of partial interests are not deductible as charitable contributions. Should you have any questions on the above, please refer to publications 526 and 561, and consult your tax advisor.
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  • You agree that the donated item, service, or experience described on this form belongs to the affiliated organization. In the case that your donation does not sell at the time of auction, the organization has the right to retain, return or otherwise sell, dispose of or donate the object as it sees fit.