Rian J1 Exchange Visitor Registration

About the Program
The J-1 Graduate (official name Irish Work and Travel) visa program is a wonderful opportunity to live and work in the U.S. for a year in a placement related to your field of study.  At the Rian Immigrant Center (formerly known as the Irish International Immigrant Center or IIIC), we have helped over 3,000 Irish students and graduates start their careers through our program. Come on the visa program with Rian J-1 and we will support you throughout the entire process, including assisting you as you seek a suitable paid placement in your area of study.

Rian Immigrant Center only sponsors the year long J-1 Irish Work and Travel (Graduate) and J1 Intern Visas (on both of which you must work in your area of study).

We are not able to sponsor Summer J1 visas.
If you are enquiring about the shorter Summer J1 (on which you can work outside of your area of study) you should reach out to one of the sponsors of that particular program. In the meantime check out our website for some information which may be of help https://www.rianj1.org/for-summer-j-1/
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Degree Information

Please write your scroll award date as MM/DD/YYYY.

Please write the month and year you expect to complete your degree.

Travel to the US
Please select the approximate month and year that you are hoping to travel to the United States with a J1 Visa.

Please answer honestly. Not all convictions will disqualify your application, but there are some convictions that impact eligibility for the visa

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