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2022 Course Application

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Embodied Leadership for Funders & Donors (online)

The mission of gs is to support social and climate justice movements in achieving their visions of a radically transformed society. We do this by bringing somatic transformation to movement leaders, organizations, and alliances. Our programs engage the body (emotions, sensations, physiology), in order to align our actions with values and vision, and heal from the impacts of trauma and oppression. We aim to advance loving and rigorous movements that possess the creativity, resilience, and liberatory power needed to transform society.
In particular, in this moment of escalating crisis and growing resistance, gs is committed to supporting movements working toward freedom from political repression and state violence (including criminalization, militarization, surveillance, imprisonment, policing, etc.) and building scalable alternatives (such as transformative justice); and those creating climate and environmental justice (just transition, land sovereignty, environmental racism, etc.).
1. Freedom from Political Repression and State Violence
We understand this work to include—ending state and non-state sanctioned repression and abuse; halting surveillance, mass targeted deportations, and the criminalization of dissent; abolishing the prison industrial complex, and sustaining the right to freedom of expression. This priority area also includes ending militarized and racist policing, which is connected to war and imperialism; and supporting alternatives aimed at creating safer communities including advancing transformative justice.
2. Environmental and Climate Justice
We understand this work to include—fostering a just transition (see from an extractive economy that severs the relationship of people and place, toward life-affirming and equitable ways of meeting the needs of all. This includes halting environmental racism, the climate crisis, and assaults on the earth and creating regenerative economies that foster ecological restoration, community resilience, and social equity.
To learn more, read about our Strategic Priorities here
Please read through the Course Description before filling out the application. 
It will take you about 30 minutes or more to fill out this application. Please allot enough time to answer thoroughly, as the courses are competitive. Your responses will help us know more about you. 
All text based answers have a limit of 200 words maximum. 

Application is due January 31st, 2022.

You will hear back from us by March 1st, 2022.


Contact Information
Movement Work Organization Affiliation (if any)
If you aren't affiliated with an organization, leave this blank. You can add up to two. 
Movement Role(s) - Please pick one or two primary roles
I primarily work with - Please pick one
Sectors - Please pick one or two primary sectors
Connection to gs
What is your previous work or experience with generative somatics? ie. you work with a gs practitioner, have applied for a course in the past, have volunteered/fundraised, have been part of a Movement Partnership, etc. Please be specific about who/what/when, etc. You do not need to have prior relationships with gs to be accepted into a course - unless there are prerequisites. 
More about you
What is your gender identity? Feel free to check more than one box.
With which of these do you identify? Feel free to check more than one box.
What is your sexual orientation? Feel free to check more than one box
Is there anything else you want us to know about you? Feel free to check more than one box
With which of these do you identify with, currently? Feel free to check more than one box. 
Click here for a resource explaining these class categories and to help you place yourself in one.
Your length of life so far?
Short Essay Questions
Detailed Course Schedule

Session 1: Wednesday April 20th, 12-2pm PT / 3-5pm ET

Session 2: Wednesday April 27th, 12-2pm PT/ 3-5pm ET

Coaching group: Wednesday May 4th, 12-1:30 pm PT/ 3-4:30pm ET

Session 3: Wednesday May 11th, 12-2pm PT / 3-5pm ET 

Coaching group: Wednesday May 18th, 12-1:30 pm PT / 3-4:30pm ET

Session 4: Wednesday May 25th, 12-2pm PT / 3-5pm ET

Coaching group: Wednesday June 1st, 12-1:30 pm PT / 3-4:30 pm ET

Session 5: Wednesday June 8th, 12-2pm PT / 3-5pm ET

Participants will be expected to attend every session and coaching group.

Course Fees: Sliding Scale

Embodied Leadership for Funders and Donors 2020 is offered to leaders from foundations or others who identify as major donors or leaders in philanthropy. The course fee is on a sliding scale.


We ask that applicants consider your access to financial resources (organization’s budget size in relation to other funders and funder networks, personal financial access, etc) and contribute a fee based on that assessment.


If you need flexibility around this fee and/or would like to propose an alternative amount: contact with “ELFD fee” in the subject line.

Considering Fundraising For Your Course Fees?

If you’re considering fundraising for your course fees from friends and family and you’d like support to do that, please read the Fundraising document.

Please Consider Supporting gs
Finally, please consider supporting gs in our efforts to make gs courses accessible and affordable to poor and working class participants, by making an additional donation to the gs Solidarity Fund. We consider solidarity funds anything you would like to offer above and beyond your 100% payment of the full course fee. The average course fee for one student in a gs course is $4500.

Information we will need for all participants in ELFD 

including but not limited to injuries, pain, illness, or ability/disability
Emergency Contact Information
Photo Release

  • I understand that generative somatics will capture photographs, screenshots, video, audio or chat recordings of responses to prompts during regular facilitation of the course activities, that may include me or my participation in this course/training.
  • I understand generative somatics may use and publish these materials in any and all of its publications, such as, but not limited to the organization’s website, e-newsletter, and social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc). These materials may also be used for internal teaching, training and curriculum, or course development.
  • This agreement includes generative somatics editing, altering, copying, exhibiting, publishing or distributing any materials that may feature me during this course/training for purposes of publicizing generative somatics and its programs or for any other necessary purpose. 
  • I hereby expressly consent to the above-stated uses of any such materials that depict me. 
Thank you very much for your interest and application! Please click "Submit" below to submit your application. You will hear back from us by at least 6 weeks before the start date of a course.