COABE Awards

Behind Every Employer Incentive Grant Award


Given the need to open up work-based learning and employment opportunities for adult learners, it is critical that adult education providers build long-term relationships with employers and demonstrate success from the perspective of the employer. As such, COABE has created the Behind Every Employer campaign; led by an advisory committee of business leaders, the campaign strategically connects companies with education and workforce organizations across the country to provide solutions for the workforce challenges they face. The campaign website houses a locator map that allows employers to search for local educators and solutions they provide to solve workforce challenges. If your organization is not currently on the map, you can complete this form.


COABE has partnered with Full Capacity Marketing (FCM) to provide an Incentive Grant and technical assistance to an adult education organization that can meet the following criteria that can demonstrate effectiveness in engaging employers in partnership with multiple workforce and education partners. Note that you must register your organization to get on the Behind Every Employer locator map.


COABE will select a winner to receive $2500 and technical assistance from FCM to enhance your existing employer engagement project. FCM will help the recipient build on existing efforts by creating a localized employer engagement campaign to highlight the success of the project and to promote partnership opportunities to other local employers.


The recipient will receive:

·        -   $2500 Award for campaign planning efforts

·        -   Website built specifically to engage employers and capture contact information     of employers interested in partnership opportunities

·        -   A local awareness campaign using digital advertising to expand reach and             drive employers to the website

·        -   Ads for the campaign targeted to local employers to raise awareness about            partnership opportunities

·        -   Consultations with FCM to develop a systematic approach to employer                   engagement

·        -   Opportunity to present at the 2023 COABE national conference 


      December 21, 2022.



The lead for the project is an adult education organization that has successfully completed an employer engagement project that has benefited an employer or group of employers. The submission should demonstrate how workforce and education community partners collaborated with the adult ed organization to design and deliver a solution to an employer (or group of employers) to solve a workforce challenge facing the company. 


The applicant cannot be on the COABE Board and cannot apply until two years has elapsed since such service.



      Lead: (must be an adult education organization)


Name(s) of Employer(s) Supported by the Project/Initiative 

Please provide a letter from the employer that talks about the benefits of working with the project below: