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San Francisco Zen Center

Summer 2022 Work Practice Program Application

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Zen Kitchen Apprenticeship
Specify Dates


This summer, in part due to the increased complexity of Covid protocols, we are asking all summer students to commit to a two-week minimum.

If you wish to be considered for the Work Practice Apprenticeship (WPA) program, a three-month commitment or longer is required between April 28 and September 11
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At this time, Tassajara is only able to invite people to be residents who are fully vaccinated and have 
received a booster shot when eligible.






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Health Record
If you answer Yes to any question, please describe, including dates when applicable.


Note: No applicant will be denied residency solely on the grounds of conviction of a criminal offense. The nature of the offense, the date of the offense, the surrounding circumstances, and the relevance of the offense to being a student at Tassajara may, however, be considered.

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Personal Statement

Work Practice Requirements 
  1. Follow the schedule of morning and evening meditation, and morning, and evening services of bowing and chanting.
  2. Attend the work practice schedule.
  3. Attend talks and ceremonies.
  4. Attend small group meetings and community meetings.
  5. Refrain from drug and alcohol use.
  6. Refrain from initiating any new sexual relationships.
  7. Follow the Tassajara Guidelines (Monastic Regulations for Summer Zen Training).
  8. Do not leave Tassajara during your stay if it is your first summer (except for vacation, if applicable, or emergencies).
Supplemental Questions for the Zen Kitchen Apprenticeship

6.  If I do not hear of my acceptance by
, please withdraw my application.
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Application Fee
There is a one-time $75 nonrefundable fee for first-time students and a $25 processing fee for returning students. All application and processing fees must be paid prior to consideration of the application.  If either Tassajara or the student needs to cancel due to Covid, the application fee will be refunded. The application fee may be reduced based on financial need. Please contact for more information.

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Application Fee

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