San Francisco Nonprofit Sustainability Initiative: Lease Stabilization Grant Application - Winter 2021-22

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The Nonprofit Sustainability Initiative (NSI), funded by San Francisco's Office of Economic and Workforce Development and administered by Community Vision, complements San Francisco’s funding of nonprofit services and resources for low-income residents and aims to maintain and expand these vital services by deploying financial assistance, professional services, assessment tools, and other resources to address key challenges facing the sector, including the high costs of real estate.

Since the first grants were awarded in May 2017, organizations supporting youth, seniors, immigrants, domestic violence survivors, artists and people with disabilities have received funding for lease stabilization, space acquisition and strategic restructuring. In total, Community Vision has awarded $15.4 million in NSI: Acquisition and Lease Stabilization grants to support the acquisition of 178,047 square feet of new, permanent nonprofit-owned space, and to support over 273,272 square feet of high-quality leased facilities.

About Lease Stabilization Grants

Nonprofit Sustainability Initiative: Lease Stabilization Grants provide critical financial support to organizations that are at risk of displacement or facing barriers to growth due to real estate constraints. Since the first awards in May 2017, $15.4 million has been awarded to stabilize space for nonprofits. In the current funding round, $500,000 will be available for distribution. 

Lease Stabilization Grant Program applications are due by 12 pm PST on Friday, January 28, 2022. Please read the Program Guidelines and the Checklist of Required Information before completing your application. 
  • Organizations with leases for 3-4 years may apply for grants up to $50,000 for relocation and renewal expenses (professional services, rent stipend, moving expenses, staff time, and FF&E). Tenant improvements are ineligible. 

  • Organizations with leases for 5+ years may apply for grants up to $75,000 for relocation and renewal expenses (listed above) and renovation expenses (tenant improvements).

  • Site control is required for all grants -- either a fully-executed Letter of Intent (LOI) with lease terms, a fully-executed lease, or an accepted purchase offer.

  • If your site control changes to a new site after the application period has closed, your application will be withdrawn from the pool and you will be invited to submit a new application in a future funding round.

  • We have prepared a Checklist of Required Information to help organizations prepare written responses and gather supporting materials before entering information into the online application. This form can save progress and allows applicants to return later to complete the application, however we still strongly advise applicants to prepare information in advance. 

  • Many fields in this form are required (marked with a red star), and some have a required format (i.e. date), so it is important to leave time to correct any field entry errors before the application deadline. We cannot extend the application deadline for technical errors that prevent organizations from submitting applications on time.

  • Applications must be submitted online. Applicants should hit the "submit" button when they are ready to submit. A confirmation email is automatically sent to applicants who successfully submit their application. Hard copy, postal mail, and faxed applications will not be accepted. In fairness to others, we cannot accept late or incomplete applications. An application may be deemed incomplete and ineligible if the individual does not provide the complete set of information in the appropriate format by the deadline.
Contact Community Vision's Grantmaking team with questions at Please submit your application early to account for technical difficulties or questions. If you have saved your application and need to reset your password, be sure to check your spam folder after requesting it.
Organizational Overview
LeadershipEnter the name of the Executive Director of CEO. If position is vacant please enter information for the lead individual fulfilling these responsibilities.
Primary Contact: Enter the name of the person responsible for executing the grant and communicating with Community Vision. This person may delegate responsibility to others but is the primary point of contact and accountable for a working knowledge of all decisions.
Secondary Contact: Enter the name of the person who can communicate with Community Vision in the event the primary contact is not available.



Basic Eligibility
Organizations must have site control in order to be eligible for Relocation & Renovation Grants from the Nonprofit Sustainability Initiative. Site control means a fully executed Letter of Intent (LOI), lease, or Purchase and Sale Agreement (PSA). Your application will be ineligible and not be evaluated if your organization does not have site control as demonstrated by one of these three documents by the application deadline of January 29th, 2021 at 12pm Pacific. If you have a questions about this eligibility criteria email Risa Blumlein Keeper, Managing Consultant, at



Primary Beneficiary Zip Codes

Primary beneficiaries receive the bulk of services or resources.

Secondary Beneficiary Zip Codes

Secondary beneficiaries receive minor services or are impacted through the ripple effect of the organization's work.

Beneficiary Demographics

Categories are based on data from the Office of Racial Equity and citywide data on San Francisco's fastest-growing immigrant populations. 

Leadership & Governance

Community Vision, on behalf of the San Francisco Office of Economic and Workforce Development, collects demographic data about our grant applicants to better serve our communities and to maintain our commitment to equity. Completion of this demographic survey is optional. Any data you provide will not be seen by panelists or used in the evaluation of your application. Rather, it will be used to evaluate and inform future Nonprofit Sustainability Initiative program strategies. Finally, we understand that the criteria/categories in this survey might not be perfect, and we appreciate any feedback to revise categories in ways that may feel more appropriate.

Lease Stabilization Project

Space at Risk or Barriers to Growth
If the organization has secured a new space please use the following fields to describe the former space even if the organization has not yet moved. If the organization is moving into its first space and does not have a former space, enter the organization's administrative address. 
Current or New Space
Please describe the new space, even if the organization has not yet moved.
Grant Request
Project Urgency & Impact
Project Team & Timeline


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Governance and Risk Mitigation
Financial Statements and Evaluation
Arts and Cultural organizations may submit financial data from DataArts.
For City contractors
Project Information
How did you learn about the Nonprofit Sustainability Initiative?

Application Submission

Certification and Release
This certification and release must be signed by the individual applicant or principal officer of the organization with the knowledge of the matters contained herein and with legal authority to obligate the organization.  The undersigned certifies:  That all information contained herein is accurate or represents a reasonable estimate of future operations based on the data available at the time of the application and that there are no misstatements or misrepresentations contained herein or in attachments. The individual applicant or organization will comply with the federal laws that regulate Fair Labor, Civil Rights, Accessibility, and other regulations and City requirements in this grant application. The undersign hereby release Community Vision Capital & Consulting, and their respective officers, employees or agents, from any and all liability and/or responsibility concerning damage to or loss of materials submitted to FormAssembly, whether or not such damage or loss is caused by the negligence or intentional acts or omissions of FormAssembly, its respective officers, employees or agents.
Applications must be received by 12 pm PST on Friday January 28, 2022. Applications will not be accepted after 12 pm PST on Friday January 28, 2022 and the application will shut down. For assistance using this application, please Community Vision's Grantmaking team at