NSSTC SAT Challenges - 2021 

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Applications must be submitted according to the direction and guidance contained in the following documents:
  1.  NSSTC SAT Challenges - Information for Applications
  2.  NSSTC SAT Challenges - FAQ
  3. Budget, Personnel, Milestones and Deliverables worksheet

Application will be referred to by this title.

Project Leader

Must be in pdf format, maximum of three A4 pages (excluding references) - reference document 1

Completed spreadsheet -  reference document 3

Must be in pdf format, maximum of two A4 pages - reference document 1

Please note that your application will be assessed by subject matter experts and potential Defence end users  who may be external to DSTG.  These parties will  be subject to confidentiality  and conflict of interest requirements regarding applications.

Submission is a 2-step process.  After hitting submit, you will be asked to check and confirm your submission again.   

If you are having difficulties with this form please contact   DSI_NSSTC21@defencescienceinstitute.com