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2022/23 Application Form

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What is the Unite Foundation Scholarship?

The scholarship gives care leaver/experienced and estranged students a free ensuite student bedroom in a purpose built Unite Students building for a maximum of 3 years of your university life. No rent, no bills; 365 days a year for up to 3 years of eligible study.  

What are my chances of receiving a scholarship?

In 2022/23 there are 80 Unite Foundation Scholarships available. 

In the 2020/21 cycle we received 273 eligible applications and awarded 80 scholarships. Therefore, just under 30% of eligible applications were successful. (We did not have a scholarship cycle in 2021/22 due to the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic.)

We are always oversubscribed and are not able to accurately predict the number of eligible applications we will receive. 

An application therefore represents a chance, not a guarantee, of a scholarship.


January – May 2022:   
Students confirm their first choice university via UCAS. Scholarship applications can be completed, evidenced, and submitted. Each university will have their own deadline in late May/early June to ensure they can review your application. Make sure you get your application in before this.  

Wednesday 8th June 2022, Midday
Deadline for applications to have been approved by universities.

Wednesday 6th July 2022
Confirmation of awards and reserve list detail communicated directly to student applicants and university partners.

Who is eligible for a Unite Foundation scholarship? 

Please read the descriptions below very carefully to see if you meet the principal scheme criteria of care leaver, care experienced (Scotland) OR estranged. If you are unsure of your eligibility or the evidence documentation needed, please get in touch with your current or firm choice university. They will be able to offer help with this application or give you advice on other avenues of support to pursue. Contact Unite Foundation on info@unitefoundation.org.uk if you’re not sure who to speak to.

Please note we do not provide scholarships for postgraduate courses or students undertaking or restarting their second undergraduate degree.

The Foundation adopts the same definitions that the different national governments use so that we can understand and communicate our impact in the same policy contexts. 
Care Experienced (Scotland) (please click here for an example of suitable evidence)

The Scottish authorities define a care experienced student as being aged 16 years or over but under 26 and having, at any time in their lives, been looked after by a Local Authority.  

Ask your Local Authority for a letter on headed paper confirming that you are care experienced or the letter from SAAS confirming your Care Experience Bursary 

Statutory Care Leaver (NI, Wales, England) (please click here for an example of suitable evidence)

Care Leaver is a legal status that can begin at age 16 and lasts until 25 if in Higher Education.  There are several different categories of Care Leaver but all legal definitions are eligible for the Unite Foundation Scholarship Scheme.   

Ask your Local Authority for a letter on headed paper confirming that you are a statutory care leaver; ideally stating which category you fall into, i.e. Relevant, Former Relevant, Eligible or Qualifying. Ask them to include in this letter the support they will provide for you whilst you are at university.  

Estranged from family (please click here for an example of suitable evidence)

If you are estranged from both of your biological parents, adoptive parents, or only living parent, you may be eligible to apply for the Unite Foundation Scholarship Scheme as an estranged student.  Student Finance (SFE, SFI, SFW) or Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS), considers you an independent student on the basis of being estranged from your parents if you are permanently not in contact with your parents.

For guidance on how to prove estrangement to Student Finance England, visit the SFE page,
for Northern Ireland, visit the SFNI enquiries page, for Wales, visit the SFW page and for the SAAS in Scotland, visit the SAAS page

Ask your student finance/award office for a letter on headed paper stating that you have been assessed as an independent student on the basis of estrangement. 

If you are unable to provide a supporting letter for estrangement please enclose a copy of your student finance arrangement AND copies of the supporting documents you supplied to them as evidence of your estrangement. 

Additional eligibility criteria

In addition to care or estranged status applicants must also meet all of the following criteria:

+ Aged 25 or under on 1st September 2022 and
+ Undertaking first and only course of undergraduate study
+      NOT undertaking Foundation or Masters level study in year beginning September 2022
+ Studying at, or holding a firm choice offer from, a Unite Foundation partner university                         
+ UK home fee status student, i.e. not an international student
+ In receipt of, or applying for, student finance or NHS funding for day to day living costs, reflecting              care leaver/care experienced/estranged student status 
Which universities are part of the 2022/23 network?

In order to apply and be eligible for a Unite Foundation Scholarship from 2022/23 onwards you must be attending or applying as firm choice to one of the following universities:
+ Aston University                                              
+ Bath Spa University                                                 
+ Bournemouth University                                                              
+ Brunel University London                                           
+ De Montfort University
+ Edinburgh Napier University
+ Glasgow Caledonian University
+ King’s College London
+ Kingston University 
+ Leeds Beckett University
+ Liverpool John Moores University
+ London Metropolitan University
+ Manchester Metropolitan University
+ Queen Mary University of London
+ Robert Gordon University 
+ Sheffield Hallam University
+ University of Bristol                  
+ University College London 
+ University of Edinburgh
+ University of Portsmouth
+ University of Reading
+ University of Salford 
+ University of Sheffield
+ University of Strathclyde
+ University of the West of England  
+ University of Westminster     

How are the scholarship awards decided?

The Unite Foundation Scholarship Scheme is not able to provide awards for every eligible young person and applies scheme priorities to decide how awards are allocated each year.  These priorities are to: 

+ balance scholarships between estranged and care leaver students
+ reflect a range of academic ability and course choice 
+ balance scholarships throughout the partner university network

This means that an eligible application offers a chance and not a guarantee of a scholarship award. No single scheme priority carries greater weight than another and applicants cannot influence the outcome of the award in any way. If your eligible application is unsuccessful initially, you will be put on the reserve list and can go through the adjustment and clearing process. You can also reapply the following year.

You can save your progress and resume at a later date. To do this click on save my progress and resume later. You will need to enter your email and a password. You will receive an email with url to resume. Please remember your email and password so you can access the form again. 

If you have any questions about completing your application form, please feel free to email us at info@unitefoundation.org.uk
About me

Home Address

Current Address

Emergency contact

Please rank the factors that influenced your choice of university. 

(1st being the most important, 5th being the least important. Only use each rank once.)

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Part 2: Academic information

You cannot apply for a scholarship when you are in foundation year, please reapply next year.

Qualification/Certificate Subject Year Attained Grade(if attained)

(i.e. GCSE/A Level/


BTecs etc.)

Part 3: Personal Statement

This section will not influence the outcome of your application and you are welcome to copy and paste content from your UCAS Personal Statement. The Unite Foundation collects this information so that the Foundation Trustees can learn more about you as an individual should you be selected. Maximum word count 750.

Part 4: Accommodation
This section will not influence the outcome of your application, but if you are successful, it will help us to meet your housing needs.

Part 5: Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form

This section will not influence the outcome of your application. The Unite Foundation uses Equal Opportunities Monitoring to ensure that the awarding of scholarships is in line with our Equality and Diversity commitments. This form is not mandatory.
What is your ethnicity?

Ethnic origin is not about nationality, place of birth or citizenship. It is about the group to which you perceive you belong. Please tick the appropriate box.

Part 6: Data Handling

The Unite Foundation takes data protection very seriously and will always store and process your personal data in the most secure way.  Details of our privacy policy can be found on our website www.thisisusatuni.org 


The scholarship scheme requires the Foundation, your university and Unite Students to share personal data relating to contact details, tenancies, and year on year academic progression and enrolment.  In addition, we track all applicant outcomes for evaluation and research purposes.  By applying for an award, you accept this data sharing represents the legitimate business of the scholarship scheme.  


In the event of a scholarship being awarded the Unite Foundation assumes the formal role of tenancy Guarantor and therefore will have access to data relating to Unite Students' Health & Safety or Customer Behaviour policies. 


In the event of an incident, accident, or behaviour management issue that is considered a risk to your safety or wellbeing, the Foundation, your university and Unite Students will share information according to your consent.

Part 7: Benefits, Responsibilities and Consent preference
+ If awarded a scholarship, and on becoming a Unite Foundation Scholar, you will be entitled to up to three years of free accommodation in a designated Unite Students property.

+ The standard of free accommodation is a single occupancy, en-suite, bedroom in a purpose built student flat with a communal fitted kitchen; the flat will be shared with a mixture of other students most likely at the same university. Some buildings have different flat options (eg studio) that you can choose but may need to contribute toward.

+ Unite Students flats for Scholars include all household bills, have wi-fi throughout and are served by maintenance and on-site support teams as well as an online emergency call centre. Many buildings have other facilities like a laundry, fortnightly cleaning and bike storage. Flats are furnished and the buildings have areas suitable for both study and leisure.

+ For each year that you take up the free accommodation offer, your room will be available for the full calendar year; 365 or 366 days on leap years. Occasionally you might need to move flats temporarily to allow for maintenance and redecorating etc.

+ You will not require a rent guarantor, a deposit or any rent payments.

+ Once you become a Scholar you can choose annually if you would like to take up the free accommodation offer. Your award entitles you to up to three years free accommodation. These do not need to be consecutive but you do need to remain eligible each year. Years of study that are excluded from support are:
              o foundation year
              o years involving study credits toward a Masters whether that be post graduate or integrated                   with a Bachelors
              o resit years o repeat years arising as a result of changing courses
              o years in which you are aged 26 or older on 1 September

+ If you get a job in a different city during the holidays or as a placement you can apply for free housing in a Unite Students property – subject to availability – in your employer location

Miscellaneous support

Where appropriate the Foundation will make available opportunities or benefits provided by our donors and supporters. This may include paid internships, employability coaching, career mentors or other items and activities geared toward making the most of your university experience.

Responsibilities - Administration

+ Each year that you take the benefit of free accommodation you must sign the normal rental agreement for your room and abide by the standard terms and conditions of the tenancy. Breaking the tenancy agreement will most likely result in loss of your scholarship.

+ You consent to data sharing once you join the scholarship and must ensure that the Foundation team and your university always have up to date mobile and email contact details for you.

+ You must respond to deadlines that you’ll be given for annual room bookings.

+ Any refunds or credit occurring on the Unite Students tenancy account will remain the property of the Unite Foundation. The Unite Foundation is authorised to transfer any credit back to our account without the student’s permission.

Responsibilities - University experience

+ You should stay in regular touch with your university named contact; – they are a brilliant source of information and support for all your academic, social and financial questions whilst at university. The Foundation University Partners can also manage queries about your scholarship.

+ You should respond to termly communications from the Foundation. These will be a mix of meeting the Foundation team, small surveys, a competition or two, information about job/intern opportunities and chances to take part in Foundation activities like media or events. You can also get in touch with us for any questions related to the scholarship.

Responsibilities - Scholarship scheme evaluation

+ As a registered charity we are continuously seeking to improve the way that we work so as to have a better impact on care leaver and estranged young students. In addition to tracking student outcomes nationally, each year we will conduct a survey that collects numeric and qualitative data. You must fill this in and should be completely honest so that the feedback can lead to improvements. We hope to keep in touch with you for up to two years after you graduate. Your feedback and progress can help improve the scheme and is invaluable to our development as a charity.

+ You could take part in Foundation student community activities developing ideas that improve Foundation communications, operations and fundraising or that improve the university experience for all care experienced or estranged students.
Part 8: Declaration

Please note that upon clicking submit, you will have the opportunity to review your application and make any final changes that may be required. You will also have the opportunity to print or save your completed application form. To save, please select 'print' on the next page and continue to save as a PDF file. To submit your final application, please then select 'confirm'.