Community Partner Membership Form 

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Community Partner with The Wardrobe! We are here to help your participants look and feel their best

In order to become a Community Partner with The Wardrobe, please complete or update this form and make a membership payment if needed.
Identify your Organization

DO NOT fill in unless you are a Returning Partner with a Partner ID Don't know your ID? Change partner question answer to "I don't know" and follow the instructions

Don't know your ID? Use the instructions for new partners
About Your Organization
Membership Selection

Based on the answer to "Approximately how many participants from all covered programs do you expect to send for clothing annually?", please select the appropriate Community Partner membership level below. 

If your service level is between appointment allocations, please select the most appropriate level.
    Organization Contact Information

    Mailing Address
    Partnership Contact
    Please provide information for the person who will be primarily responsible for managing this partnership.
    Financial Contact
    If different from Partnership Contact listed above.  
    Payment Information
    Community Partnerships renew annually on January 1st, and payment is due at that time.  Clients will not be seen until payment is received or payment arrangements have been made.

    You will be given a link to the payment page when your information submission is confirmed.