2022 Summer History & Literature Seminar Registration

Participant Information

You are registering as a non-degree graduate student at Ashland University. In order to create your student record we have to collect certain information, including your Social Security number. Your Social Security number is required for tax reporting purposes. Each tax year, tuition paid and financial aid received by students is reported to the Internal Revenue Service. Form 1098-T is provided to the student by the university showing these amounts. Please note that this is NOT a taxable event. Rather, the amounts reported on Form 1098-T are used to determine eligibility for certain federal tax deductions or credits for higher education. Consult your tax professional for additional information.

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A Social Security number is required for tax reporting purposes. You are registering as a student at Ashland University. Each student will receive a 1098-T form showing tuition paid at the end of the calendar year If you prefer not to enter it on this form, enter 111111111. Call us at 419-289-5608 for further instructions.

History & Literature Courses
Two History & Literature seminars are offered for 2022. You are welcome to enroll in either or both of them. Those who enroll in both seminars and plan to reside in our campus housing are welcome to remain on campus over the weekend at no additional charge.

Please choose the History & Literature seminar(s) in which you wish to enroll:

Room and Board
Room and board is available for those who will travel to Ashland for the seminar. Participants are housed in modern air conditioned campus apartments and residence halls, double-occupancy. Meals are provided from breakfast on Monday morning through lunch on Friday.
Total Cost
Full payment of tuition and fees is due prior to the start of each course.