CAFP Medical Student Research Grant Program Application

The CAFP Foundation is currently seeking submissions for original and innovative clinical research proposals in family medicine. CAFP-F provides grants in the amount of $2,500. Please note: $500 of this amount is given to the mentoring physician. Funds are distributed in 2 payments: $1,000 will be provided at the beginning of the study, and the remaining amount will be given upon submission of the final report.  

Research Proposal

As part of your application for the Medical Student Research Grant Program, please submit a brief proposal describing your clinical research project, including: 

  1. Title: indicate the title of your research study 
  2. Introduction: define the central research question and explain your interest in this particular topic. 
  3. Background/Significance: describe the overall goals of your clinical research and its importance to family medicine. 
  4. Research Design and Methods: specify the study design, including the time frame and data collection/analysis.
  5. Results and Discussion: describe how your clinical research project will advance the field of family medicine - for example, in what ways will it impact research, theory, practice, interventions, care/treatment, or policy making?  Indicate how you will disseminate the results of your study.   
  6. Conclusions: provide a summary of your clinical research project.
  7. Budget: include an itemized budget detailing the expenses of your project.