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2022 Project of the Year Nomination Form
Background Information

About the Award:

At The Corps Network’s annual National Conference, we honor select Corps that have undertaken especially noteworthy endeavors within the past year. The Project of the Year Award celebrates the important services Corps provide to communities and young people across the country. Projects of the Year are innovative and demonstrate a Corps’ ability to give Corpsmembers a positive experience and provide the community with meaningful improvements.

The Project of the Year awardees will be honored at The Corps Network 2022 National Conference, taking place virtually, April 4-6. 

About the 2022 National Conference:

We Are the Civilian Climate Corps: A CCC For a New Generation – 

In 1933, as the United States faced a crisis of widescale environmental degradation, our nation’s leaders established the Civilian Conservation Corps to put young men to work restoring America’s natural resources. 

Today, as we face a pivotal moment in the fight against climate change, we once again call on the model of the CCC to engage young Americans in efforts to bolster community resilience and stem the negative impacts of our changing climate – the Civilian Climate Corps. The original CCC completed important work, but a CCC for the next generation must reflect the new America, one focused on equity and community input.

The Corps Network’s 2022 National Conference is a virtual event where we will build that vision for the next generation’s CCC. Bringing together thought leaders, Corps staff, and Corps partners who make up the modern Corps movement, TCN will engage attendees in a series of workshops, discussions, and presentations related to Climate Corps best practices and issue areas. 

Join us as we work together to ensure the Civilian Climate Corps is built from a foundation of strength, provides opportunities to all Americas, and positions communities to be more resilience in the face of climate change.  

Why Submit a Nomination?

  • Your Corps and your project will be highlighted in front of policymakers, partner organizations, and the greater Corps community
  • Project accomplishments are shared on a national scale through TCN's website, newsletter, and other publications
  • Corps may have an opportunity to share their project at the National Conference during a workshop
  • Awardees can promote their Corps and project partners as innovative leaders in the areas of conservation, service, and youth development


Any additional questions regarding the Project of the Year Award should be directed to Emma Fantuzzo, efantuzzo@corpsnetwork.org.
To Apply

Application Requirements

  • Applications must be submitted on or before Monday, January 24, 2022. No late applications will be accepted. 
  • Projects must have taken place during some portion of calendar year 2021.
  • Each Corps is limited to submitting one nomination.
  • The same Corps cannot win a Project of the Year award in two consecutive years.
  • Nominating Corps must be a Full Member of The Corps Network. Affiliates and AmeriCorps Basic Members may not apply.

How Will Nominations by Evaluated?

Nominations are scored on the following five traits:
  • Connection to the Conference theme, We Are the Civilian Climate Corps: A CCC For a New Generation
  • Quantitative and qualitative impact on the Corpsmembers' experience and outcomes
  • Quantitative and qualitative impact on your community and the environment
  • How innovative the project is compared to Corps' project work historically
  • How replicable the project can be for other Corps in other communities

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Project of the Year Nomination Form

Nominator Contact Information

Corps & Project Background

(please input either the geographic coordinates or street address of the Project HQ. This will be used to determine the appropriate congressional contacts)

Narrative Questions
Please answer the following questions in detail. There is no word limit, but a suggested word count is about 100 - 400 words for each answer

Project Photos

Expectations & Requirements

Should our nomination be accepted, the Corps agrees to the following expectations and requirements:
  • Have at least one staff person attend the Conference to serve as the Project's champion.
  • Submit a short video (2 - 5 minutes long) about the project to The Corps Network staff no later than March 23, 2022
  • If requested, participate in or host a workshop related to their winning project
  • If requested, work with The Corps Network to schedule virtual meetings with Members of Congress