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2022 National Conference Workshop Proposal Submission Form

The Corps Network National Conference is an annual gathering of national, state and local leaders in the fields of youth development, community service, and conservation. Attendees include leadership and staff from conservation and youth development programs, representatives from federal agencies and philanthropic foundations, and staff from various other private and nonprofit sectors. The Conference features create space for strategy development among affinity groups, and facilitate conversations and deeper connections among conference participants. This year's event will be virtual and will take place from April 4-6, 2022.

If you are interested in submitting a workshop idea for our 2022 National Conference, please complete the form below. The deadline for workshop proposals is January 24, 2022. Quality workshops are an important element of our success, so we thank you for your time and interest in presenting. This year we will be prioritizing workshops that include interactive elements and creative virtual formats. If you have questions about the National Conference or the workshop proposal form, please contact the event coordinator, Bobby Tillett, at btillett@corpsnetwork.org.

About the 2022 National Conference Platform:

The Corps Network's National Conference will be a virtual event. Our sessions will be run on the Zoom video-conferencing platform. We also have access to PollEverywhere and Google Suite. These tools allow for in-session chat, virtual breakout groups, live polling, and live document editing. We also encourage creative uses of other software to ensure session interactivity in a virtual setting. Each session will be assigned a TCN staff person to assist with running tech for the session. Sessions' that are engaging and interactive will score higher. If you have specific tech needs other than the platforms mentioned above, please include them in "facilitation needs" section below.

Scoring Criteria:
  • Ability to engage attendees through timely topics and/or interactive content
  • Ability to connect with the conference theme
  • Ability to communicate expected takeaways for session participants that are applicable to a wider audience
  • Content is relevant to the issue areas of national service, conservation, youth development, workforce development, and/or equity, diversity and inclusive
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Session Details
All sessions will be 75 minutes in length

Character Limit: 150

Word Limit: 200

Intended Audience

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I Acknowledge That:
  • Submission of this form does not guarantee acceptance as a TCN National Conference workshop. If accepted, conference staff will notify the primary facilitator no later than February 11, 2022.
  • All proposed session presenters have provided their permission to be included in this submission.
  • If accepted, all presenters will be able and willing to present at the time and date specified by conference staff. If a scheduling conflict arises with any of session presenters, conference staff will be notified immediately.
  • If accepted, all presentations and materials will be provided to conference staff no later than March 25, 2022.
  • If accepted, all presenters attending the conference for longer than their workshop session will register by March 25, 2022. Non-TCN members will be allowed to register at the TCN member rate.
  • TCN staff will have permission to share materials provided during the workshop to Conference attendees.