Background Information
  • $1,000- $3,000 fellowship grant
  • 10-week internship at a non-profit organization that serves the Asian American community

The Asian American community is the fastest growing and most diverse segment of the U.S. population, but Asian needs and concerns are often overlooked or completely hidden from view. The Tina E. Yeh Community Service Fellowship offers students and recent graduates an opportunity to learn about and directly contribute to the Asian community. The fellowship is awarded to students doing direct service in the Asian American or Asian Canadian community in Northern America.

Who is Tina E. Yeh?

Tina Eugenia Yeh graduated from Yale University in 1983 and received a master's degree at Yale's School of Organization and Management. She was a dedicated ethnic counselor at Yale and stayed in touch with her counselees for many years. Tina was a gentle and kind soul and touched lives with her grace, selflessness and good humor. Tragically, Tina, her father and aunt died in the Singapore Airlines crash in Taipei in October 2000. In 2001, the family and friends of Tina Yeh established a fund in her memory. Their efforts made the fellowship program a permanent resource for Yale students and for Asian community-based groups.


The Association of Asian American Yale Alumni (AAAYA) is an all-volunteer group that established the Tina E. Yeh Community Service Fellowship through the Asian Pacific Fund, a community foundation, in honor of Tina E. Yeh ‘83. The fellowship program encourages Yale undergraduates and recent graduates to become involved in community service through summer internships. Inspired by Tina Yeh’s generosity of time and spirit as an ethnic counselor, the fellowship supports students who want to be involved in the Asian American community and encourages Asian Yale graduates to stay connected as volunteers, staff, board members and donors. For more information on AAAYA and the Asian Pacific Fund, please visit www.aaaya.org and www.asianpacificfund.org.
Application Details

Applicants are responsible for submitting all materials to the Asian Pacific Fund by 11:59 p.m. EST Monday, April 11, 2022. Incomplete applications will not be evaluated.  The application becomes complete and valid only when the Asian Pacific Fund has received all of the following materials:

  1. Completed application form
  2. Three short essay questions (250-500 words each)
  3. Letter of sponsorship from host organization and project description (see below)
  4. Unofficial transcript and FAFSA student aid report.


An applicant should plan to serve as an intern at a host organization. Applicants may contact an organization from the suggested list OR identify their own host organization and project. In either case, applicants MUST obtain a letter of sponsorship from the host organization (see sample sponsorship letter below). The fellowship will be paid for by grant of up to $3,000 to the host organization, which will use the grant to pay the intern a stipend. 

After agreeing on a project and terms for the internship please work with the host organization to complete a project description. See below for project description guidelines. Suggested projects include: assisting with research, organization or publicity/outreach, organizing community events, working on interagency committees, assisting with seasonal projects or updating the organization’s website.

Suggested List of Host Organizations

Agency NameLocationWebsite
Angel Island Immigration Station FoundationSan Francisco, CAwww.aiisf.org
Asian Americans Advancing JusticeWashington, DCadvancingjustice-aajc.org
Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Los Angeles Los Angeles, CAadvancingjustice-la.org
Asian Americans for Community InvolvementSan Jose, CAwww.aaci.org
Asian Law CaucusSan Francisco, CAwww.asianlawcaucus.org
Center for Asian American MediaSan Francisco, CAwww.caamedia.org
Chinatown Progressive AssociationBoston, MAwww.cpaboston.org
Chinese American Planning CouncilNew York, NYwww.cpc-nyc.org
Coalition for Asian American Children and Families New York, NYwww.cacf.org
Vietnamese Community of Orange CountyOrange County, CA www.thevncoc.org

For direct contact information, please contact the Asian Pacific Fund at scholarship@asianpacificfund.org.

Other Resources to locate an Asian organization:
  • National: www.AdvancingEquality.org/communitypartnersroster (more than 90 Asian organizations, in 48 cities in 25 states)
  • Metropolitan Chicago area: www.aaichicago.org (21 Asian community organizations)
  • Metropolitan New York City and New Jersey: www.aafny.org (online directory of 145 Asian human service agencies)
  • San Francisco Bay Area: www.asianpacificfund.org (94 Asian affiliate organization listings)
  • Southern California: www.ocapica.org (more than 40 Asian resources); www.a3pcon.org (more than 35 Asian member organizations); www.apalc.org (links to other Asian organizations and resources)
Sample follow-up letters for students to send to host organization:
I am applying for a fellowship available to Yale Asian undergraduate students that will enable me to work while being fully paid for by a $X,XXX grant to your organization with the understanding that you would use the grant funds to pay me a stipend. The requirement is that we have a mutually agreed upon scope of work.

I would like to work with your organization on (project name/description) and (how it will benefit organization). This fellowship program allows the student to design a project, provided that the project is hosted by a non-profit organization that serves Asian Americans. I hope your organization will consider hosting my project because (describe the connection between your project and the mission of the organization as described on the organization website).

I have included a project proposal for your review.

Project proposal: 1) goal, 2) who will be involved, if anyone besides you, 3) your specific skills or educational background that make you qualified to do this project, 4) what kind of supervision or mentoring you would like to have from the host organization, 5) any costs that the organization would incur to host your project, 6) the project’s benefit to the host organization

I am applying for a fellowship available to Yale Asian undergraduate students that will enable me to work while being fully paid for by a $X,XXX grant to your organization with the understanding that you would use the grant funds to pay me a stipend. The requirement is that we have a mutually agreed upon scope of work.

The fellowship can be for at least 10 weeks, and I am available from (month/day) to (month/day). Currently, I am a (year) at Yale and studying/majoring in (area). I expect to pursue a career in one of the following fields: ___________________.

My prior work experience and work-study assignments which might be relevant for your organization include: _____________. My technical skills include: (list software). My language skills are: ______________________. In thinking about possible projects for this assignment, I should also add that I especially like: ______________________ (e.g. working with people, doing research, I'm a strong writer, etc.).
Letter of Sponsorship from Host Organization:

The confirmation letter must:

  • be on organization letter head and signed by the Executive Director
  • confirm that applicant and host organization have agreed on the nature and scope of the internship project
  • confirm that host organization is willing and ready to host the internship during specified time period
  • confirm that applicant has committed to accept internship with the host organization if awarded a fellowship
  • identify if the internship will be carried out remotely, and if so, how the organization will make adjustments in a remote environment to ensure that applicant will have a successful internship
  • include the first and last name of the applicant

Here is suggested language for the Executive Director of the host organization:

This is to confirm that, if awarded a fellowship,  _(Intern Name)_  will be a summer intern at           _(Sponsoring Organization)_  from  (start date – mm/dd) to (end date – mm/dd).

As the host organization, we agree to accept the Tina E. Yeh Community Service Fellowship grant from the Asian Pacific Fund to support  _(Intern Name)_ ‘s work as described in his/her project description/proposal, which I have reviewed and approved.

The intern's direct supervisor, _(Name of Supervisor) _ , will submit a brief report on the intern's work/project at the end of the summer.

Signed by: _____________________________ Date:________________ 
Project Description:

The project description may be completed by the student or the host organization. 

Please include the following in the project description, including: 

  • Project name 
  • Purpose of project and how it will support the mission of the host organization
  • How progress will be measured 
  • Student's tasks 
  • If you're planning to work on a community service project of your own design, please submit a project proposal that has been approved by your host organization. Project proposals should include:

    • the project’s goal 
    • who will be involved, if anyone besides the student
    • student’s specific skills or educational background that make him/her qualified to do the project
    • kind of supervision or mentoring expected from the host organization
    • the project's benefit to the host organization
    • any costs that the organization would incur to host the project

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