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We are excited you want to be a part of Atlgraphic of dog on woman's lap doing deep pressure therapyas!

Though many disabled people can and want to participate in the training of their own service dog, starting fresh with a puppy or young adolescent is not always a viable option. This can be for a variety of reasons:

  • Raising a puppy may take far too great of an emotional toll.
  • An untrained puppy or adolescent may actually be a hazard or danger for someone with limited mobility or other type of disability. 
  • Working with a private trainer in the early stages of training may simply be inaccessible.

Assistance Dogs Set in Motion™ is for the person who can work with a slightly more mature and skilled adolescent, but for whom finding, raising, and training a puppy and young adolescent is simply not feasible.

Through this program, a puppy will be selected for you based on your needs and lifestyle. The puppy will be raised by a mix of the breeder and skilled Atlas Team Facilitator Puppy Raisers until they are approximately one year of age. At least six months of that time will be spent with an Atlas Team Facilitator Puppy Raiser who will work with the puppy and train them based on a specific training plan, adjusted to your individual needs. When the dog is one year old, they will be transferred to your care, and you will be set up with a detailed transfer and support plan to prepare you for Atlas’ Certification Program which you will start once your dog is 14 months old. 

We have different models depending on need and available funding. 

In model #1 Atlas funding has been allotted to cover the cost of the dog, including training, regular veterinary care, gear, food, treats etc. until the dog is approximately one year old and they start living with the client.  At this point, the client will assume all costs for the care and well-being of the dog and depending on funding, may also be responsible for any remaining program costs up to certification. In this model, Atlas owns the dog up until the client has completed Atlas’ full training program and successfully passed their Public Access Test. 


In model #2 the client is typically responsible for all costs and care of the puppy, including purchasing the puppy, training, medical expenses, gear, etc. from the start. Depending on available funds, Atlas may be able to offset some of the program costs in this model as well.

Before receiving Atlas' full application, please fill out this pre-application to ensure you qualify for our program. Please also ensure you have fully reviewed Atlas' Assistance Dogs Set in Motion program description.

user manual icon Our Assistance Dogs Set in Motion Program to see if our program is a good fit for you.

**Please note that Atlas Assistance Dogs is unable to provide: 

  • Guide dogs for individuals with significant vision loss.
  • Service dogs for individuals who will not have the ability or willingness to participate in the ongoing training of the dog.
  • Service dogs for individuals who do not accept using only positive training methods.
** Please note at this time we can only serve clients in the US.

Once we receive your pre-application, we will contact you in approximately one week via email.

All information you provide is confidential and secured with very limited access to only the Atlas staff directly involved in supporting you as a client. 

Please be aware, we have limited funding and limited capacity for this program. If we can't accept you into this program when we receive your pre-application, we will contact you with options and keep your pre-application on file. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

General Contact Information

Applicant's Military/Veteran Status

Please provide the following information for the primary applicant. This is the individual with a disability that the dog will be assisting. Note: military/veteran status does not affect eligibility for our program. It may impact eligibly for scholarship funds to offset program costs. 

If Yes, complete the following

Upload your documentation(optional)
Veterans, active duty personnel, or their dependents wishing to take advantage of possible related funding sources should include a copy of DD Form 214 or an active duty ID card. This information is not required for the application and in no way impacts your acceptance as a client.

Financial Situation
As you read in our program description, this program varies in cost from being fully funded by Atlas through scholarship funds to up to approximately $14,000 with many variable factors.  

Scholarship funds are extremely limited as are spots in the program even for paid spots.

Please help us understand the amount of financial assistance you are requesting and tell us more about your financial situation. We want to help as many people as possible, so your ability to cover some or all of the cost of this program helps us help more people.

Disability Information

If mobility please provide your height and weight

Handler Information

This information should be completed pertaining to the person who will be primarily handling the dog in public venues. The handler is the person(s) able to complete all training with the dog. It is not necessary to complete this section if the client and the handler are the same person. 

Client Support and Needs
Unfortunately spots in this program are extremely limited. Please help us understand your situation and why you feel this program is important for you vs starting with your own dog and working toward certification in our regular Client Certification program.

Dog Needs
Describe your ideal dog (please note that Atlas will take into consideration your desires and preferences, but will ultimately select a dog that we feel is best suited for your needs).

Training Background

Submitting pre-application