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SEG Microgrant Application

Thank you for applying to the SEG Microgrant Fund, and thank you for all of the work you do for our communities! 

Confidential Application 

The information requested in this application is required in order to process your request for funding. Please complete or indicate N/A, “Not Applicable”, where necessary. A microgrant application is considered complete only when this application, and all required documentation have been submitted to Social Enterprise Greenhouse (SEG).

All information will be kept confidential and held for safekeeping by SEG.

The acceptance of this application by SEG or designee in no way constitutes approval or any commitment, on the part of SEG to approve funding.

SEG shall not be responsible for expenses incurred by the applicant in the preparation and submission of any request for funding.

Requests for funding will be approved or rejected at the sole discretion of SEG’s Capital Committee and SEG’s Board of Directors. Grant approval will be conditioned on the negotiation of an appropriate legal agreement between the applicant and may be conditioned on the availability of funds.
Participant Information
Primary Contact

If you do not have a website, please write N/A.
If you do not have a Facebook page, please write N/A.
If you do not have a Twitter handle, please write N/A.
If you do not have an Instagram page, please write N/A.
Organization Information

Project Information
Up to $5,000


El aplicante también reconoce que toda de la información entregada es correcta y verdadera. El aplicante entiende que toda de la información entregada así como el hecho que el aplicante ha aplicado para una subvención debe mantener confidencialidad y compartido solo entre los miembros del SEG y su Comité de Capital al exento necesario para evaluar la solicitud. 

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