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Older woman in a wheelchair in the garden with caregiver and younger woman with a disability and her caregiver on a park bench

The ARCH National Respite Network and Resource Center is seeking exemplary and innovative respite services that are evidence-based, evidence-informed, that appear promising, or that are trying new service models. We invite you to nominate your service if you believe it is strong overall, or if it has areas of strength that you wish to share with others. If selected, your services will be recognized as a model for potential replication and highlighted on the ARCH website.  


Review the Pre-Application Checklist.  Applicants who cannot answer yes to all three Pre-Application Screening Questions will not be considered for a full review.

Read the Instructions for completing the application. We recommend that you draft your responses first in a WORD document. Keep the instructions handy to help you navigate between pages, submit and confirm your submission. 

Save your Online Responses. When completing the online form,  be sure to check "Save my progress and resume later" at the top of the form and register with your email and a password. This will allow you to save your responses and return later to complete the online application.

Read more about ARCH's Innovative and Exemplary Respite Services, the Statement of Purpose, and the definition of Innovative and Exemplary and the selection criteria.

Questions? Please contact Susan Janko Summers with ARCH at sjsummers@archrespite.org


Please provide information for the primary contact for the respite service.


The written plan may be as simple as inclusion of clearly stated goals, identification of a single outcome or multiple outcomes you plan to measure, and a short description of how you plan to measure them.

Alternatively, you can mail these documents to Susan Summers at: 2646 Shoreland Drive South, Seattle, WA 98144.  These documents are required in order for the application to be reviewed, but they will not be shared with anyone outside the review committee without your written permission.

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This section will provide an opportunity to describe how your services are innovative and exemplary. 

Person- and family-centered services address an individual’s needs, goals, preferences, cultural tradition, family situation, and values. Person- and family-centered care both recognizes and supports the role of family caregivers. [Adapted from AARP Public Policy Institute]

ARCH defines Exemplary Practice as respite services that are supported by research or evaluation evidence and have shown benefit(s) to family caregivers. Innovative Practice respite services document or have a plan to document at least one family caregiver benefit and create a novel approach. Both Exemplary and Innovative practices have written and observable or measurable goals and objectives; have written protocol or instructions guiding services; document activities and results during day-to-day practice; collect outcome data (for at least one outcome measure); and deliver person and family-centered services. Exemplary and Innovative Practices train and support staff and volunteers to assure services are of high quality.

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This section provides an opportunity to describe how you recruit, train, and supervise respite workers or volunteers and how you match workers to families.

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This section will provide an opportunity for you to describe how you measure performance and sustain your respite services.

Outcomes may include care recipient, caregiver or family health and well-being (e.g., stress levels; health status; quality of relationships, extend of loneliness or social isolation); ability of care recipient to continue living at home; ability of caregiver to continue providing care; caregiver self-efficacy.

Additional Resources
10.  Additional Information.  If you have resources about your respite services that would support your application, please feel free to attach up to 3 documents.

Thank you for sharing information about your respite services with ARCH!