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-Any payments already processed are not refundable unless you cancel within the first 15 days of the subscription

- For Monthly Frequency: As you are welcome to pay month by month, your invoices (or receipts if paying by credit card or direct debit) will be sent out automatically each month to renew your subscription. If you wish to pause your subscription for a month or a period of time, you are required to notify us prior to the end of your current subscription period (check your invoice for the dates). This way we can pause your invoices and your account. Cancellation of your subscription requires 30 days' notice.

- For Annual Frequency: This is a 12 month subscription paid up front at a discounted price. No Cancellations or refunds will be given on an annual subscription.

-You may be sent emails from the Omnium team from time to time to let you know about updates/new features in the software.

- You agree to being invoiced from the day of submission of this form, unless otherwise communicated. The subscription is based on your having open access to the software, not whether you use it or not.

- Each subscription account ('license') is for one user only. Omnium do not condone the sharing of single accounts; if you would like more than one person to be able to use a single license, you may purchase sub-users at an additional $70/month each (+GST). Contact us to add sub-users to your account.

- For all our Terms and Conditions relating to providing the OmniLife service, please see HERE