NYSNA 2022 Racial Justice Training Registration Form
In 2020, NYSNA's Executive Board adopted a racial justice framework calling for transformational education of the staff and membership and for deep engagement in campaigns for racial justice in our facilities and in our communities. To that end, NYSNA has developed a racial justice curriculum, which we are starting to offer to our members this winter. The goal is for participants to acquire a common framework and to learn the historical context that led to today's deep inequities and racial disparities in health outcomes of our patients and our communities. As a union committed to social movement and transformation, this is an exciting opportunity, through education and information-sharing, to collectively explore our experiences and build solidarity.
We are offering this training multiple times in the next few months and you can choose from a one-day six-hour training (10 am - 5 pm with one a one-hour break) OR you can take it in three-hour segments over two weeks (9 am - 12 pm).  
For any questions, please contact labored@nysna.org.