Uncharted Mentorship Intake Form

Thanks for filling out this survey. It should only take about 10 minutes of your time. Our goal is to get to know you, your background, skills, interest and availability to make sure we can create the best matches possible for you and the organizations we support. 

Once we have your information you will hear from us on next steps shortly after. 

If you have any questions, please email Sara Lee  (sara@uncharted.org). Thank you!
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Help us understand your experience and skill sets. Below are 11 broad skill categories; each category has a number of different specific skills, or what Uncharted calls superpowers. *Please select a maximum of 6 superpowers across all 11 categories.*

We know you bring a wealth of knowledge across a variety of different skills. Our goal is to understand what you're excellent at and what you'd love to talk to program participants about.

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If you're having trouble attaching it, please email it to saralee@uncharted.org.

If you're having trouble attaching it, please email it to saralee@uncharted.org.
Optional demographic questions
Program participants in our programs bring diversity across a wide variety of identities and experiences. Based on requests from our participants past and present, we're making an effort to make great matches for the entrepreneurs not only based on skill set, industry, and experience, but also based other important identifying factors like those we're asking about below. 

These questions are entirely optional to answer, but may help us curate better introductions based on factors that are important to the entrepreneurs in our program. This information is also helpful to Uncharted to ensure we're building our network across important measures of experience and demographic diversity.

Thank you!