Girls Rise Up 2023 Application

Welcome to the Girls Rise Up 2023 Application!

We are delighted to see you are curious about the world of STEM and dance. Complete this application to become a part of an amazing community of bold girls, LIKE YOU, who want to discover new ways to understand the world and express themselves.

The application to Girls Rise Up is a two-part process. PART 1 is the completion of this form. A link to PART 2 will be provided via email within one week if you meet all eligibility requirements. Both parts must be submitted in order to confirm your spot in the program.

Note: In a few pages, we will be asking you to provide 1-3 paragraphs about your interest in Girls Rise Up. Please have this ready for when you complete your application. Please, tell us about yourself!

Tell us about your interest in Girls Rise Up!

We want Girls Rise Up to be accessible for all. If you have any questions or concerns please email

We want Girls Rise Up to be accessible for all. If you have any questions or concerns please email

Below are the modules we will be offering at Girls Rise Up. No one is guaranteed their top choice, but we will do our best to take your preferences into account when placing you in
your cohort. Please read the descriptions below and let us know which one sounds most interesting to you.

A) Animate Your World (Animations): participants learn a programming interface to create visually interesting and interactive graphics and animations to use as background animations, or as video effects to add visual expression to the dance.

B) Shine Bright (Circuits): participants learn how to use a microcontroller to code LED lights to attach to their costumes and interact with the movements in their choreography.

C) Beats By Code (Music Making): participants learn how to use code to create and mix music that matches and enhances the theme and mood of their choreography.

D) No Breath, No Justice (Respiratory System): participants learn about the science behind the respiratory system, and connect this to current social justice movements to create choreography with a social justice message.

E) Step Up with AI (Machine Learning): participants learn the basics of artificial intelligence technology and how to teach their choreography to a computer in order to code sounds and animations to complement it.

F) Dancing with Drones (Coding Drones): participants learn how to code small drones to move in sync with their choreography.

Tell us about your parent/guardian

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