The Diocese of Atlanta Communications Request Form

EDA Comms

The purpose of this form is to capture communications and digital evangelism requests from our parishes and ministries. There are many ways we hope to serve, and this form gives us the ability to collect all the details . Whether it is a parish visit for photography or consulting on a new website build, we are here to support your parishes and ministries in all things communications related.

Before completing, please note the following:
  • The nature of this form is to understand the unique digital needs that are contextual to the ministry. In order to complete this form, you must schedule a meeting, so please find a date and time that works for your ministry team before completing the form.
  • We want to provide services at no cost to parishes and ministries whenever possible. What this means is depending on the timeline/scope of work we may seek additional support. We will always put forth resources and understand that must be mutual with all ministry partners. Through our initial meeting, we can determine the best steps forward. 
For questions or feedback, please reach out to Easton Davis, Canon for Communications and Digital Evangelism at

We understand you may want to select multiple items, but please prioritize your needs, and we will discuss these areas during our first meeting.

ie: leadership like clergy, vestry, staff, lead volunteer

Please include AM or PM

ie: Emmaus House, Path to Shine, etc.