McLaren Players Camp Enrollment 2020
Summer 2022 -Groundlings Camp for ages 7-10
Players ages 11-13
in ZIP codes 94112, 94124 & 94134 only
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Groundlings Camps (for ages 7-10) or Players Camps (for Ages 11-13)

(The July 11-22 camp at McLaren Park is FULL. Please select another session.)
(The July 25 - Aug 5 camp at McLaren Park is FULL. Please select another session.)



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Terms of Service

1.    COVID-19 Protocols and Contingencies:  As with any live programming now, the unknown progression of the pandemic offers unique challenges. Please take note of our COVID protocols:

  1.  All participants must up to date on vaccinations, including booster.
  2.  All participants must do a daily health check.
  3.  Masks will be worn at all times indoors, including during performances.
  4.  Teaching artists will have regular COVID tests.
  5.  We will continue to respond to the state of the pandemic as needed, always prioritizing the health and safety of our participants.
  6.  Our teaching artists are skilled and experienced teaching virtually, and we can return to the Zoom classroom at any time if it becomes necessary.

2.     Behavior Policy:  Students participating in the Bay Area Shakespeare Camps, in person or online, are expected to meet the same standards of behavior as are required in their regular home/school setting. Major infractions, such as bullying (online or in person), display of offensive imagery, or any behavior that makes the learning environment unsafe for others will result in immediate dismissal from camp without a refund.

3.     Late Pickup Policy: Camp ends at 3pm and can pickup anytime between 3-5:30pm You must pick up your child no later than 5:30 P.M.  A $35 late-pickup fee will be assessed.

4.     Photo Release:  By agreeing to these terms, you give permission to have photographs and/or video of your child taken during camp, and to use an such photos/video for promotional purposes.

5.    Cancellation Policy:  There is a $100 fee for cancellation up to a week prior to the start of camp. No refunds will be made within a week before the first day of camp.