Education Pioneers COVID Recovery Fellowship

Thank you for your interest in this Fellowship! We are excited to learn more about you and grateful for your investment of time in our process.

Please be sure to take a look at our Candidate FAQ before applying.

We expect that this application will take approximately 90-120 minutes to complete including 3 short answer essays. We recommend that you click through all pages of the application before beginning and that you write your essay responses outside of the application and paste them into the relevant fields. You will also be asked to upload a resume. We estimate that it will take approximately 15 min or less to complete the application once your essays and resume are prepared.  
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Education Pioneers COVID Recovery Fellowship
Geographic Preferences
At this stage, our goal is to learn more about your preferences and flexibility around geography. While some placements may have partially or fully virtual options, we expect the majority of our Partners to need Fellows to report to central office or school site locations. We encourage you to be conservative in indicating openness to relocate, and welcome you to share your situation with us using the open response box since checkboxes can't tell the full story. There will be additional opportunities for dialogue about location through the selection and placement process.

We do our best to match candidates to placements in their most preferred location, but authentic geographic flexibility can open up a greater set of placement options.

In addition to your preferred location, please indicate your interest level in pursuing a CRF placement in other geographies. 

Would you be interested pursuing placements in the following cities? (selecting "Yes" below will indicate you are willing to relocate to or already reside in a city)
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Education Pioneers COVID Recovery Fellowship
Short Answer Essays
We appreciate your thoughtful responses to the questions below as we seek to get to know you better and assess potential matches with our Partners. We value building a cohort of Fellows with a diverse set of lived experiences and believe that this contributes to the impact of the Fellowship for Fellows and Partners alike. 

We ask that you seek to share your responses to each prompt in approximately 200-400 words. 

(up to 400 words)
2. Covid Recovery Fellows will be required to utilize their project management and leadership skills to collaborate across an organization, often under ambiguous conditions. Please reflect on a project/workstream/deliverable that involved multiple stakeholders with competing priorities and respond to the following prompts.
  • What was the project/workstream/deliverable and the timeline for completion?
  • Who was involved? 
  • What were the constraints or barriers of the project and how did you work through these challenges? - e.g. timeline, budget, lack of senior leadership buy-in, etc. 
  • What steps, strategies or tactics did you employ to work through challenges and complete the project? 
  • What was the ultimate outcome? 

(up to 400 words)
3.  Covid Recovery Fellows will need to demonstrate a commitment to Education Pioneers' mission and core values, including Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. 

Reflecting on your past experiences, please provide specific examples of the following:
  • How have you demonstrated a commitment to diversity and equity?
  • How has your leadership supported inclusion? 

(up to 400 words)
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