Baltimore 2022 Student Application

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EARLY BIRD DEADLINE:  March 11, 2022
REGULAR DEADLINE:  March 23, 2022
Congratulations!  You have taken the first step in becoming part of the BAI family!  As shared in the flyer and on our website, this summer’s program will be IN PERSON, following all recommended COVID safety protocols. All professional development sessions on Thursdays and Fridays will take place at Arts for Learning Maryland's office at 21 E. North Avenue. Interns will report to their particular worksites on Mondays through Wednesdays. Transportation must be sorted out by the interns though we are happy to support them in figuring this out.

Throughout the program, you will develop a digital portfolio that includes: examples of work from the internship, a draft of your college essay, a first stab at your resume, weekly reflections, and a final presentation, among other things!  

We are following all COVID safety decisions as they are made and will make modifications to the program as needed. All changes will be communicated with students and families in real time.

Please note: All BAI Interns are classified as Arts for Learning temporary employees. To align with our current Covid-19 policies, if accepted into the program for Summer 2022 you will be required to submit proof of Covid-19 vaccination. If you are not able to receive the vaccine, you may request a waiver. If a waiver is granted, you will be required to submit a Covid-19 test each Monday morning, taken within 72 hours. More information will be provided upon acceptance into the program.

If you would like support with your application, please reach out to We can connect you with a BAI Youth Ambassador.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will be asked to upload a few files throughout the application. The total size of your files CANNOT exceed 35MB. If you have errors when submitting, please check to make sure that the TOTAL of all of your files is less than 35MB. If you try to save or submit your application with files that are too large, it will NOT SAVE and your progress will be lost!

This is a lengthy, yet engaging application, and we know you can do it!  Its purpose is twofold: We want to get to know YOU and we want you to get to know the PROGRAM.

Please read the entire application and complete it thoroughly. The application is divided into several sections:

  • Who are you? General Applicant information, including parent/guardian and emergency contact phone and email address.

  • What’s on your plate? Other responsibilities you have, including any current jobs or regular responsibilities. 

  • A Stroll Down Memory Lane: Getting to Know the Program will ask you to watch several videos and answer questions about what you have learned from them. 

  • Your Turn! Getting to know YOU! This section will ask you to create your own Playbill bio, share why you are interested in the program + going to college, and rate your skills with various software programs.

  • The Written Word and The Spoken Word sections will ask you to write a personal written response to a piece of art work and for you to create a VERY brief video. 

  • The Calendars section will ask you to review the summer program calendar and demonstrate your understanding of it. 

  • The School Dayz section will ask you to talk to us about your role as a student - grades, attendance, interests, etc.

  • Family Connection will ask your parent/guardian to complete.

  • The Letters of Recommendation section will ask you to provide the names and email addresses of two adults who know you well. This can be a teacher, guidance counselor, admin from your school, a pastor, a mentor, a work supervisor, etc. It should be someone who has known you for at least two years. We need at least one of those adults to write on your behalf!

  • And LAST BUT NOT LEAST! You will be asked to officially sign and submit your application!

We have up to 40 spots for students and our decision will be based on what we learn about you in your COMPLETED application-this is your space to SHINE! We want to see your culture, genius, wisdom and joy in here!

Please note that you can SAVE your application and come back to it - we know it’s a lot! To do this, click on the square at the top that says "save my progress and resume later."


If you are invited to a group interview, interviews will be held on April 18, 20, 25, and 26 in person (4:30-6:30).  You will be required to attend one of these, so please put a HOLD on your calendars for now.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will be asked to upload a few files throughout the application. The total size of your files CANNOT exceed 35MB. If you have errors when submitting, please check to make sure that the TOTAL of all of your files is less than 35MB.


About You! 

Parent/Guardian Information

Emergency Contact Information


The Bloomberg Arts Internship begins with a required five day Orientation: Monday, June 27-Friday, July 1st, 9:00-5:00 Monday through Thursday and 9:00 to 1:00 on Friday. 

The following six weeks of the internship include 3 days at the worksite and 2 days of professional development - 36 hours a week, from Tuesday, July 5th through Friday, August 12th (*Monday, July 4th is a HOLIDAY!)

THIS IS A SEVEN WEEK PROGRAM! One week of Orientation and 6 weeks of the internship.

You must be available for the full seven-week length of the program, including Orientation. Please make sure that you don't have any conflicts due to sports schedules, family vacations, etc. THANK YOU! 

If you feel this way, we can connect you with a BAI Youth Ambassador for a quick conversation to noodle through whether you should apply.  Reach out to for help. 


We have been operating the program since 2017 and would love for you to get to know each of our cohorts in order to fully understand what you are getting yourself into. Grab your popcorn, sit back and enjoy! 
1. Please watch the 2017 Bloomberg Arts Internship Baltimore video HERE.

2. Please watch this video created by 2018 Bloomberg interns HERE

3. Check out this BAI Montage created by Freddie Wolfe (including his original music!) in 2019 HERE.

4. Please watch this promo video created by a BAI alumni about their virtual experience in 2020 HERE

5. Please watch this video created by Bloomberg Philanthropies that includes interns from all four cities HERE

6. And...check out this video created by Kayla Terrelonge, 2020 Cohort, that we used for recruitment HERE.

7. Finally, please skim through our BAI Blog HERE


Introduction and Skills
You will be joining a Creative Team for the summer. With that in mind, create your own based on this example from Center Stage and using the prompts below. 
Creative Team
  • Your title (what is your current title in life?)
  • Your pronouns
  • One sentence introduction
  • Creative inspiration
  • Community Engagement/Activist Work
  • Awards/proudest achievements
  • Final word

1. Please answer with one to three sentences only...

3. Please rank  any skills/software knowledge/experience that you currently have - rate your expertise on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being that you are super familiar/know it well/use it a lot! This information will be helpful for us in matching you to an internship if you are part of the program. 
No experience 1 2 3 4 5


The Written Word 

Please choose a work of art from one (1) of the three following art options and write a short personal response to that artwork. When writing a personal response to a piece of art, it's helpful to examine what drew you to the work itself, whether you identify with the artwork, and how the art resonates with you as an individual. Note: Always be sure to include the name of the artist, the project or artwork title, and the year it was made, when possible, in your response. (In a museum this information can usually be found in nearby object labels or wall text.)

1. The Baltimore Museum of Art - Visit the Baltimore Museum of Art in person (don't forget your mask!) or via their website and select an artwork within the museum that speaks directly to you as a student, an artist, or a creative individual in Baltimore City. Do you see parts of yourself in the art you find in the museum? How so? 
2. The ArtxHistory Website - Explore the website ArtXHistory, select an artist or an artwork that you find within their archive and write a personal response to it. What did you learn from the artwork, how did learning about the artwork impact your view of the world?
3. Thinking back on your own experience - please tell us about a significant or memorable encounter you had with an artwork, book, or performance. Note that this need not have been a formal or ticketed arts experience - it could be listening to a choir in your congregation, reading to a sibling, or looking at pictures your grandfather took. 

The Spoken Word

Create a 30-45 second video about yourself and upload it below. 
We have include some guidelines below to make sure it is no more than 45 seconds. Though these enabling constraints exist, please have fun with this!

  • A greeting of your choice
  • Your name
  • (Complete this sentence with something you are comfortable sharing!) If you really knew me, you'd know...
  • (Complete this sentence with a social justice issue that is really important to you!) I believe...
  • (Complete this sentence with a description of the people you surround yourself with, i.e. artists, loud, quiet, honest, loyal, hilarious, creative, dancers, etc.) My people are...
  • (Complete this sentence with what art means to YOU.) Art is...
  • (Complete this sentence with pure honesty about what you love about Baltimore.) Baltimore, I love...
  • A closing of your choice

Bonus Question

THE PROGRAM CALENDARS (Subject to minor changes)

Review the calendars and answer the questions below them. 

But first, just a reminder that, as of now, we are hoping for an IN PERSON program, but acknowledge that things could change! Internships on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays may be in person OR virtual, depending on the site. 
June Calandar


July Calendar


August Calendar



If we were to look at your report card right now, what would we see? (Give us a peek into classes/grades, attendance, teacher comments, etc. You don't have to share everything! We just want to get a picture of you as a student.) 


Please have a parent or guardian complete this portion of the application. 

The Bloomberg Arts Internship is an arts career and work readiness program designed to promote and help young people go to college and stay in school. If your child is selected to participate, 
  • The time commitment calls for full-time work for 5 weeks, July 5-August 12 with four additional Orientation days June 27, 28, 29, 30 and July 1. 
  • On Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, students are completing their internships. Interns will work with their supervisors to determine how to get to work each day: i.e. bus, walk, light rail, etc. 
  • The Professional Development on Thursdays and Fridays will take place at Arts for Learning Maryland's offices located at 21 E. North Avenue. We will go on field trips on Fridays by bus, walking or driving with staff. (That is why we need permission from you!)
  • Interns will receive an hourly wage of $15 for 266 hours total which includes orientation and the 6-week internship. 

YOU will be invited to a Virtual Family Open House in June if your child gets into the program. This will be a time to learn more about the program and connect with other interns and families! 

Please sign off! 

I am the parent/legal guardian of this young person and I consent to their participation in the Bloomberg Arts Internship based on the conditions listed above. I understand that my child is required to fully participate through the entire program - Orientation Sessions and the six week internship. Also, that my child may be contacted for research purposes after they have completed the program. I AM EXCITED! 

AND...If accepted into the program, I give permission for Arts for Learning to share my child's email, phone and address with staff and worksite partners. 



Please ask two adults who have known you for at least two years to write you a letter of recommendation. This can be a teacher, guidance counselor, admin from your school, a pastor, a mentor, a work supervisor, etc. Please list their names and email addresses below and a member of the BAI team will email them directly a link to submit their recommendation. 

***PLEASE make sure that the people you choose to do this have actually AGREED to do it. We cannot process your application without one recommendation. Ask them ahead of time so that when they receive the email from us, they are ready to share all about you! 
Recommendation 1 

Recommendation 2 


The following questions are being used to assess the Bloomberg Arts Internship Program, and to hold us accountable to our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. 


Looking to the future...

Feedback for us...

And...please rate this application and the process in terms of...


CONGRATULATIONS!! If you have made it this far, you are AN AWESOME HUMAN BEING!  Way to go! 

There is one final step! This program is a big and fabulous commitment. As ONE final review...
  • The time commitment calls for full-time work for 6 weeks, July 5-August 12 with five additional Orientation days June 27, 28, 29, 30 and July 1 . 
  • On Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, students are completing their internships at their sites. 
  • The Professional Development on Thursdays and Fridays is in person at Arts for Learning Maryland's office (21 E. North Avenue). We will make decisions based on the most up-to-date COVID safety precautions. 
  • There will be several trips on Fridays during the professional development. Students will travel by bus, driving wtih a staff member (if granted permission by a parent/guardian) or by walking.
  • Inters will receive an hourly wage of $15/hour for up to 266 hours total, which includes orientation and the 6-week internship. 
Time to sign off...

I GET IT! I am ready! I pledge to be an active and engaged participant, to attend all trainings and events, to fulfill my work requirements throughout the program INCLUDING developing a portfolio of ALL THE THINGS, to ask for help when I need it, and to contribute to who I am and all of my unique talents! 

By signing below I also acknowledge that my application materials may be shared with organizational partners for feedback and review.