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The Charity invites submissions for exciting opportunity to work with King’s College Hospital Charity to develop, raise funds and deliver projects that will make a tangible, lasting difference to the lives of our patients. This form is a first step to help us learn more about you and your work, so that we can give you the best advice about how to take your application forward. Please complete the form in full and in as much detail as you can. If the charity can provide further support, we may invite you to submit a formal application.

Below you will find information on the Charity’s criteria that needs to be fulfilled when considering a project. It is vital to clearly articulate the case for support for your chosen project from the following perspectives:

The need: What is the problem being addressed? What is the impact of this problem on individual patients? What is the scale of the need?

The solution: What will this project enable us to do that we can’t already do? What are key deliverables, outcomes and benefits to patients and families that will result from the project? How does this relate to departmental and Foundation Trust strategies? What will be the impact of this project beyond King’s?

Who are the intended beneficiaries? What will the benefits to patients be and how many patients will benefit per year? Is this led by patient focused research or have you sought patient input into the design of this project? If not, how would you seek to do so? What is the risk to patients if we don’t go ahead with the project?

Financial: What is the overall anticipated expenditure budget? Robust and detailed costings will needed to be provided ahead of any commitment, however a realistic outline figure is sufficient at this stage. How does this provide value for money? Is there an additional physical space requirement over and above your department’s existing footprint?

Additionality: The Charity will not pay for expenditure which is considered to be the core normal function of the NHS. How is this project above and beyond standard NHS requirements?

Funding: Is there a designated fund that could support this project? If not, how would you envisage engaging with fundraising activity to enable this project, for example: general patient engagement or engagement with high net worth or high-profile patients who may be interested in providing financial support. Do you have patient stories you could share publicly with their permission to motivate people to support a fundraising appeal?

Project timescale: Is the project timescale realistic? Does your project require approval from the Trust? Do you foresee any issues that may delay your project?

Expression of Interest: Please note this is an expression of interest submission and not a formal application for funding. The Charity may ask you to complete a full application form at a later date.

Submission: All questions with a red Asterisk * are mandatory. You will be asked to review your application prior to submission.

Help and Support: Please contact with any questions.

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Applicant Details

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Project Details
If you're aware of a designated fund that this could apply to, please enter details of your below. If you're not sure of the name or number of your designated fund, please click here to see a full list.


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