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Ascend at the Aspen Institute and its Family Prosperity Innovation Community want to advance family-supportive workplace policies and programs for parents and caregivers so that families, businesses, and the economy can thrive. To serve as a roadmap, we’ve developed the Four Employer Principles for Family Prosperity so that employers can adapt to and implement lessons surfaced from the pandemic and the rapidly shifting labor market/ landscape. 

Employers who join us in signing on to support these principles demonstrate their deep commitment to enhancing the lives of working parents and caregivers, their families, and their communities. Employers will not be held to any form of quantitative or punitive metric of accountability. 

Please note: by submitting this form, the organization indicated agrees to be included as a public signatory of the Ascend Employer Principles, as listed below. This public signature may be listed on, including but not limited to, the Ascend website, social media pages, and promotional materials. If any substantive changes are made to the Principles, the contacts listed on this form will be notified and offered an opportunity to amend the signature. As noted above, signatories will not be held to any form of quantitative or punitive metric of accountability.

Employer Principles for Family-Supportive Policies and Benefits:

  1. Workplace benefits should be universally and equally available to all employees within an organization, regardless of position, status, or tenure. All employees deserve clear and timely information about their workplace benefits.
  2. Workplaces are inclusive, equitable and fair in their policies, practices, benefits, and hiring procedures.
  3. Integrating and connecting approaches to physical, emotional, and mental health supports into job benefits are critical to thriving employees.
  4. Employees are invaluable partners in designing effective, sustainable policies that enable employees to thrive in their work and family life.

Read more about the Principles: 

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