Brand and Campaign Registration for U.S. SMS service

As of March 1st, 2022 U.S. mobile carriers are requiring all businesses and organizations that send SMS messages to U.S. phone numbers to register with The Campaign Registry - a third-party organization that uses 10-digit long codes (10DLC) to verify a business or organization as having a legitimate use case for sending SMS messages. To learn more about The Campaign Registry and 10DLC, please click here. In order to register with The Campaign Registry, you must submit this form in full. Your company or organization will be submitted as a "brand" and your use case for SMS will be submitted as a "campaign". Once verified by The Campaign Registry, you will be able to send SMS messages to U.S. numbers. It is important all information is submitted correctly, as rejections may incur additional costs. Click here for help with this form, or contact our Customer Success Team at
Brand Registration

Company Information

The legally registered company name as it appears on your provincial corporation certificate

This is the "Doing Business As" name or trade name of the company

This contact should be able to verify the company and/or provide more information if necessary.

This number will be located on your provincial corporation certificate

This optional field helps verify the brand

Campaigns are required in order to send SMS messages to U.S. numbers. "Low Volume Mixed" will apply to most business and organizations. 

If you're unsure which campaign applies to your use case, please contact our Customer Success Team at

For a detailed breakdown of each campaign type, please click here
Campaign Registration

Standard Campaigns

Special Campaigns

Additional Campaign Details Required 

How you will use SMS messages to reach consumers in this campaign, 40 character minimum

How a consumer opts in to the campaign, therefore giving consent to the sender to receive their messages. The Call to Action must be explicitly clear and inform the consumer of the nature of the program. If multiple opt in methods could be used for the same campaign, it must list them all. There is a 40 character minimum.
Campaign and Content Attributes
These prompts are your responsibility to manually reply to the your consumers through SONAR SMS. SONAR cannot provide these prompts through direct SMS messages. 

Some prompts are available (initiation and termination prompts) for SMS being received in SMS Queues, and you can set those prompts here

Samples of common SMS messages you will be sending to consumers, you may include multiple.

Examples could be: start, help, call, yes, hello

Examples could be: Thank you, we'll respond shortly.

This will be the key word the consumer sends to end or opt out of messaging with your business. Examples could be: stop, end

The message to confirm that the consumer has been opted out, it may include your Business Name, but must include confirmation. Example: You have successfully been unsubscribed. You will not receive any more messages from this number. Reply START to resubscribe.

This will be the key word the consumer sends request help. Example could be "help"

The message to respond to the customers request for Help, it can include your business name and support contact information. Example: Please contact our support team by dialling 611, or emailing

Note that public URL shortners are not accepted (tinyurl, bitly etc)

Note: this excludes the number in your HELP response messaging.

Indicates whether the campaign will include any age gated content as defined Carrier and CTIA guidelines.

For more information on CTIA requirements:

Note: indicates the campaign follows CTIA messaging principles and best practices