Get Involved with Congress '22

The WCSFP is a member-led organization, which means that you have a say in shaping the content of the annual event. We need your knowledge, experience, expertise and creativity!

Get involved as a session producer, moderator or panelist or share your ideas for session content. Your participation is a chance to engage with Congress members on topics that matter, raise your or your company's profile and make new business contact.
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Session Producer: You're responsible for shaping the content, finding panelists, and coordinating presentations/AV requirements. You'll liaise with the Conference Director and Hot Docs team to ensure a successful session that enlightens and entertains the audience. 

Moderator: You'll work closely with the session producer to create the right tone and direction for the session, guaranteeing a lively discussion that flows naturally and allows all guests to have their say.


Panelist/Speaker: You'll work with the session producer and moderator to ensure you're a valuable contributor to the discussion, which includes providing video clips and any AV materials in adherence with deadlines and tech requirements. 

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