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Welcome to the Oarsome Challenge 2023.

You can book your team's place here!

There is more information about the event here.

If you have any questions, please email events@londonyouthrowing.com 
and we will respond as quickly as possible.
Section 1 - Your Details

As Team Captain or Team Administrator (if you are not rowing) you will be the main point of contact for the event and responsible for ensuring other members of your team complete their registration as participants.

This form will register your team and register you as Team Captain, and as a participant if you are taking part in the event.

Please complete all fields mark with a  *. 
Confirmation of Age & Emergency contact details
Please let us know of anything we can do to make sure the Oarsome Challenge is as accessible as it can be. Also, please let us know of any medical concerns you may have.
Section 2 - Your Organisation

Please let us know about the company, club or group that you will be taking part with.
If you are taking part with a group of friends, please enter "Friends"
Please pick the social media platform used most by your organisation
Section 3 - Your Team Details 

Nearly there - please let us know a few details about the team you would like to enter.
Challenger - just taking part to have fun. Racer - in it to win it!
Section 4 - Terms & Conditions

When you submit this form, London Youth Rowing will

1. Register your team entry to the Oarsome Challenge 2023

2. Register you as either a Team Captain (coordinating the team and taking part) or a Team Administrator (coordinating the team but not taking part in rowing) and provide you with a unique link that your Team Members can use to add themselves as participants to your team. We will also send you a link to set up your Team's Enthuse donation page.
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